9 May 2015 (Saturday) - Hay Fever

Yesterday's walk (and roll in fox poo) must have been more wearing for my little dog than I thought. Not only did he spend most of yesterday evening snoring, he spent the night in his basket and didn't stir at brekkie time.
I watched a whole episode of "Are You Being Served" without once having to pause to comb him or share my toast.

Yesterday was a good day off; but the price of days off in the week is having to work at night and at weekends. I don't mind really. On reflection it's a rather good deal.
And so I set off to work. As I left home I was rather amazed to see someone walking up the road in full evening dress; bow tie and all. Mind you on closer scrutiny I realised that the chap's bow tie was at a less than rakish angle, his shirt was untucked, his vacant eyes were looking in different directions, and he wasn't so much walking as staggering. Ten seconds after I noticed his disarray he was sick into the neighbour's wheelie-bin.
He glared at me as I laughed out loud.

As I drove to work the pundits were discussing the recent election; specifically how wrong the recent opinion polls had been. Having had another hung Parliament predicted for so long, despite the odds the Conservatives have managed to form a majority government. Various reasons were suggested for why the opinion polls could have been so wrong; interestingly one of the leading suggestions was one that had (perhaps uncharitably) occurred to me. The theory was mooted (on the radio) that the opinion polls were wrong because many Tory voters were afraid to admit that to the pollsters.
Having spent much of the recent weeks discussing the nation's politics, prior to the election I only met one person who said he would (and did) vote Tory. But now, having won, Conservative voters are ten-a-penny.

As I so often do I stopped off at Morrisons for supplies before work. Being unable to locate what I wanted I harangued a passing assistant. Disaster; Morrisons would seem to have stopped making "Doctor Pop"; I had to rough it with their home-brand diet cola instead. Have you ever had Morrison's home-brand diet cola? It's foul.

I then spent most of the rest of the day with something of a sniffle and constantlly sneezing; either I've got a cold coming or I've developed an allergy to something.
I do hope I'm not developing hay fever; that would be a nuisance...

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