10 May 2015 (Sunday) - Tommy Cooper

After a surprisingly good night's sleep I was up shortly before 6am and put on the telly for some light entertainment over brekkie. I noticed that there were re-runs of the Tommy Cooper show on the ITV4 channel. I gave it a go...
It was possibly the worst thing I have ever seen on the telly. It simply wasn't funny at all; it featured all sorts of straight-men trying to be entertaining whilst Tommy Cooper himself grimaced at the camera. I watched it for twenty minutes out of a sense of amazement; how can something so bad get air-time?
After this I watched a few minutes of Toddlers and Tiaras; how can such sweet children have such horrible parents?

As I drove to work the Sunday morning news was of an ecclesiastical bent; as it is on Sundays. There was discussion of something the Pope said a year or so ago which at the time seemed to pass un-noticed. Apparently he feels that having been a do-gooder is sufficient for a (dead) sinner to get into heaven. Atheists as well as beleivers can get redemption through doing good.
So much for what it says in the bible...

I got to work and had a surprisingly busy day. During a tea break work I had a little look-see at social media and again was amazed by my fellow man. It was as well I only had time to read and didn't have time to write anything. I may well have given offence.

The gist of what I read from so many people posting was that apparently those whose preferred political party didn't get elected are (understandably) somewhat miffed by the result. But their feelings are viewed as a matter of triviality to those whose choice won.
Those who voted for the government are seemingly getting rather sick of the whinging from the also-rans, and are telling them to shut their rattle, man up and grow a pair.

I suppose that eventually I will shut my rattle, man up and grow a pair. But in the meantime.... leave me alone... and if you did vote Conservative, please don't tell me. I *really* will think the less of you for having done so.

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