6 May 2015 (Wednesday) - Back to Work

Another decent night's sleep; I got up and over brekkie watched the first ever episode of Dad's Army which the SkyPlus box had recorded for me (even though I don't remember asking ot to do so). I then watched "Later with Jools Holland". I wouldn't usually watch that sort of thing but they were featuring F.F.S. (Frans Ferdinand - Sparks). Even after all these years you can't beat the Mael brothers.
The show also had something from Alabama Six which featured some bloke in a dress. However the novelty value was all in the appearence; certainly not in the sound. There's no denying that I fast-forwarded thrrough much of the show.

Just as I was about to set off for work the rainn started. As I drove the weather went from torrential rain to glorious sunshine and back again every five minutes.
As always I listened to the radio as I drove. There was an interesting interview with one of the top nobs at the posh supermarket Sainsburys. Apparently their profits have fallen and they are now losing money. The reason: other supermarkets are flogging food cheaper, and non-perishable items can be bought at more reasonable prices on the Internet. The chap being interviewed had a whinge that as the economy improves people eat in restaurants rather than at home, and few restaurants get their ingredients from Sainsburys. He also seemed to feel that the government should intervene with legislation that would make it more difficult for anyone else to undercut Sainsbury's prices.
For myself I've always tended to avoid Sainsburys because I can generally get everything they sell cheaper elsewhere. In fact (to my mind) the only thing they have going for them is a rather good beer selection. But then there's always better off-licences.

I stopped off at Morrisons (cheap is good), and once equipped with coffee, jam and bumwad I went in to work where I did some. At lunch time I got out my saxophone for the first time in a week. I tootled for a bit, but the wind kept blowing the music stand over.

After a rather dull afternoon I came home and took my dog for a walk, and then mowed the remaining quarter of the lawn. The edges still need doing, but they will keep.
With "er indoors TM" off to "unit training" (?) I was left home alone. I say "home alone"; my dog was there but he spent most off the tiime chewing something. I wonder what it was.
I checked my emails; one was interesting. A young lady had been to the Kent Mega geo-event to which I went last weekend. Whilst there she'd heard that I was "Mr Wherigo". Wanting to have a Wherigo geocache of her own, she has asked if I could give her one (!)
She goes by the sobriquet of "FittyUK" so I see this as something of a result.

And in closing today I'll make the observation that it's the General Election tomorrow, and over the last few weeks I've heard that many people are rather unsure as to for whom they should be voting. For myself I've got to choose one out of five possibles. Rather than getting bogged down in a myriad specific policies, let's take the choice down to first principles:

  • Are you motivated purely by greed and self-interest? - vote Conservative
  • Do you truly have no idea what's wrong with the country but feel you need a minority to blame? - vote UKIP
  • Do you want a better society for all regardless of the cost? (and there's a LOT of cost) - vote Labour
  • Do you want a better society for all but don't want your mate to lose her deposit? - vote Green
  • Are you the sort of person who doesn't learn from mistakes? - vote Liberal Democrat.

One of those choices is the right one... I'lll let my loyal readers work out for themselves which it is. But I will say that you really should vote. Because if you don't we'll end up with a government under which it will be illegal for me to post stuff like this...

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