30 April 2015 (Thursday) - Off to the Mega

The day started much as any other; we had a dog walk in which Fudge only fought with one other dog; he did however crash a cyclist.

The Rear Admiral arrived a few minutes late; having had a minor episode in Tesco's (Apparently these things happen from time to time). We collected Tony and set off for the Hop Farm in Paddock Wood where we were camping for the weekend.
We knew we'd be arriving early; normally check-in is after 9am but we'd arranged with the nice lady that we'd be there early. Unfortunately we were met by the sour-faced misery-guts who made great effort to put on a show of deliberately ignoring us until the nice lady arrived.

Eventually we got checked in and set up camp on a very windy morning. So windy that my tent ripped (a little). But "er indoors TM" was soon on hand with tent repair kit. And a spare sleeping bag for one of our number who'd forgotten to bring one.

With camp set up we opened the home brew. Not too shabby at all (!) An evening meal of chicken carbonarra went down very well, and I particularly liked the fact that being on an organised camp site meant that there were proper washing-up facilities in which I could do my thing

As the evening wore on so other friends came to visit, and the beer flowed freely. A fire pit appeared, as did port and cheese, and it all became very vague....

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