30 May 2015 (Saturday) - Staplehurst

Yesterday I mentioned that being on the night shift meant I'd missed going to astro club. As it turned out I was rather busy in the early evening and so didn't actually realise what I was missing. But after midnight I managed to sneak a break. I got out my trusty Samsung Galaxy S4 and (thanks to the wonders of Android technology) I managed a crafty peek at the astro club's Facebook page. Usually after an astro club meeting that page is overflowing with glowing approbation about how wonderful the meeting had been. Not last night. There wasn't a single word of praise to be seen.
However that same Samsung Galaxy S4 had a few messages for me about the astro club. The topic of the evening had been billed as "Women in Astronomy" but apparently it had actually been a ruse to present a misandrous diatribe.
Perhaps it was as well that I missed the meeting...

Having been on the night shift really meant I should have gone to bed for the day, but the chance to go for a geo-wander presented itself. Eight of us and two small dogs mooched for several miles around Staplehurst. Despite rather thick nettles, deep grass and over-familiar horses we had a really good time. The girls and the dogs enjoyed walking each other about, the dogs diddn't get *too* smelly, and with seven miles of walk walked we had a couple of pints of Spitfire before sleeping all the way home.
I took a photo or two whilst we were out...

This was the third outing for my new GPS unit; I wasn't impressed with the thing's battery life; it was flat before we started, and during the day it ran off of the back-up duracells.
It worked well whilst out and about, but went on to have a few episodes once home; completely failing to connect to the laptop.
And then on re-connecting the battery with a view to charging it, the retainer for the memory card dropped out. It looks to be physically broken, and will have to go back to the shop.
I've already got a full day planned for tomorrow..

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