7 May 2015 (Thursday) - Election Day

When austerity forced itself upon me one of the economies I made was at brekkie time; cheap jam. However cheap jam only comes in one flavour - strawberry. For a change I splashed out in the supermarket yesterday and this morning I had blackcurrant jam. A rather trivial thing to repoort, but as I've got older I've become a creature of habit. It felt wrong. It was the wrong colour, and the wrong taste. Even my dog had an odd expression about the stuff as he scrounged the crusts off of my toast.

We theen had our morning walk round the park. When we go early we seem to meet two elderly men who insust on feeding every dog they meet with... well, I don't know what it is they are feeding to the dogs. I've asked them several times not to do so. I got rather angry with them about the matter this morning. It's very difficult to get a dog to go with you when some interfering busybody is teaching him to to sit for a treat.

I then went to cast my vote for democracy. I say "democracy"; how can the process work when an intelligent reasoned person who has carefully considered all the options only has as much say as a scratter who's voting to send them all back on the next banana boat on the promise of more dole money? I encountered one such shrieking harridan who was screaming that she had the wrong ballot paper. She didn't want to vote for any of the "w*nk*rs" who were standing locally; she wanted to vote for Nigel Farage personally.

I then drove down to Folkestone. After half an hour wasted trying to find somewhere to park I spent another half an hour playing with my grand-son. I can tell he's growing up because for the first time ever he didn't fart on me.
I then drove on to work. As I drove Radio Four was having its Women's Hour. Today's show featured some rather tired-sounding hippies. I wish it hadn't.
Work kept me out of mischief for much of the day; lunchtime saxing went well, but being on the late shift meant I missed out on my sax lesson today. I should really have gone to an astro club committee after work, but I was a little late getting out, and I could see little point in arriving ten minutes before the end so I came home.

And finally... by now the polling stations have closed. I'm hoping my loyal readers all excercised their democratic franchise. I'm hoping you all made the right choice.
And here's my prediction for the long-term outcome... My vote was worth diddly-squat. No party will get an overall majority. The Scottish Nationalist Party will opportunistically bolster either the Labour or Conservative parties in some form of coalition; the price being no end of wonderful deals for Scotland and another independence referendum six months before the end of the Parliament.
Having milked the rest of the UK for five years the SNP will be riding high in popularity in Scotland and the Scots will vote for independence in late 2019...

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