1 May 2015 (Friday) - At Camp

Last night was COLD... I got up shortly before 6am to see is a warm shower might improve matters. One of the benefits of a proper camp site is a shower block.
Having had two of the three morning "S" I went back to camp where I made myself a cuppa (without waking everyone else) and then sat and watched the world go by for an hour or so until the rest of our crew woke.

Luke Warm had had a strange night. He's apparently too tall for his new sleeping bag and whilst his bottom ninety per cent was warm enough, his top half was cold. An impressive mathematical feat.
We then had a rather good full English breakfast and then went into Maidstone for a little geocaching. After all we were at geo-camp. We found a few, we didn't find a few, we destroyed one (woops) then adjourned to The Bull in Barming for a spot of lunch.
After a beef sandwich we went for a little more of a geo-stroll. Totally underestimating the abilities of my phone's batteries I found myself rather stumped at one point, but we had a good stroll.

We went back to camp, and had a beer or two. The Brightonians arrived and then we got to do that really rare geo-phenomenon; a Wherigo cache.

After a flying visit to an evening geo-event chicken curry made for a very good tea, beer flowed, and I finally woke up alone in the mess tent at 2.15am.

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