2 May 2015 (Saturday) - The Kent Mega

Despite a rather late night last night I was wide awake and showering by 5.45am. I noticed that overnight the washing-up fairies had not visited, so bearing in mid the old maxim "If you want a job done, do it yourself" I did it myself. I can't complain really; I'm quite happy to have everyone else cook my dinner.

I made myself a coffee, settled down in the mess tent and fell asleep for an hour or so.
After a late brekkie we went for a little geo-stroll. Being on geo-camp we found ourselves part of a seemingly endless stream of walkers also all geocaching. It would have been nice for there to have been a break in the seemingly endless stream of walkers; by the time we got back to base I was bursting for a tiddle.

We put on silly glasses and then went to the actual Mega-geo-event where I won a rubber chicken in the tombola. Result(!)
After a few minutes shut-eye we walked up to a nearby wood where the lab caches were waiting fo us. Lab caches are geo-experiments tested out on attendees at Mega-events; they were good fun.
We then went back to base where marshmallows were being toasted over the fire pit, and as the afternoon passed so people came and went.

We went round to the Brightonians' awning for tea; chicken fajitas were excellent. And once replete we walked to the event centre where a barn dance was in progress. I had intended to dosey-do; but my back wasn't really up to it. Mind you I was rather pleased to realise that the home-brew I'd made for the weekend was streets ahead of what they were selling from their bar.

After a very busy day I found myself falling asleep and in a novel break with tradition I took myself off to bed before midnight.

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