9 February 2015 (Monday) - Stuff

Last night I watched "The Sky at Night". When Patrick died (that's "Sir Patrick" to everyone else!!) there was a campaign to ensure the programme kept going. In retrospect they show should have ended with him. With a comet in the sky and space probes approaching Ceres and Pluto, last night's show was entitled "What have UFOs done for us". It wasted half an hour explaining in broad outline that which anyone who has ever heard the word "astronomy" already knows in great detail.
Imagine tuning in to what you would imagine being a degree-level lecture and being told that today we are going to do colouring-in...

I slept like a log and awoke to find "Furry Face TM" had done likewise. Over brekkie it seemed little had really changed in the world. The only real thing of any interest was that people I've never met were tweeting at me. I wish they weren't, and asked them not to.
I then took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. For a dog feigning exhaustion he soon perked up when he saw his lead. We went up through Bowens Field and round to Viccie Park where we scrapped with a few other dogs, got given free dog poo bags, and generally had a mostly uneventful walk (for once).

I came home to find I'd been tweeted at again despite having asked people not to do so. It seems that having been mentioned in a posting about a comet three weeks ago I'm going to get messages about the thing in perpetuity.
Then someone who's never actually been to the astro club started chipping in on postings on the astro club's Facebook page that are nothing to do with them...

As I drove to work the radio featured an interview with someone claiming to be a leading light in the evangelical alliance which Wikipedia says is an umbrella group for evangelical Christians in the UK. This woman was being interviewed to explain how she can reconcile being an active Christian with being an active homosexual. Apparently this has been done by studying scripture. It transpires that because God loves people then being gay is OK. Even though scripture says it's not. To quote God "Leviticus 18:22 You shall not lie with a man in the same way you would lie with a woman, it is considered a sin and surely both men should be put to death"
Don't get me wrong - personally I think that God is wrong here, but how can those who are taking the Bible to be true read this any other way than what it says?
If you look into this mopre deeply it's mentioned elsewhere in the Bible too. What winds me up is that Christians are allowed to pick and choose which bits of the Bible they want to accept, and are still taken seriously.

I got to work, did my bit, and at lunch got to have a half-way decent saxophone practice. It was cold, but there was no small dog shouting along.
And with work done I came home again, and felt rather guilty as I ate my tea. Every bite was watched by "Furry Face TM" but he's now on a diet. He had none.... I feel awful.

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