7 February 2015 (Saturday) - Concatenation

I got to work for the night shift, and started off with a busy little spell. But being busy keeps the mind off sin. Not that one can get up to too much sin in a pathology laboratory.
As always I listened to the radio as I worked. It had its usual mix of good, bad and indifferent throughout the night.
Great show was made of the Russian military menace. Russia is getting involved in armed conflicts in Ukraine; the Western powers are getting involved with Russia. At the risk of siding with the lot that is being painted as the enemy, I can't help but feel a little sympathy for the Russian position. Once a global power, their empire is slowly but surely crumbling.
I did snigger when the Minister for Propaganda was talking rubbish in an interview about the government's record on education. When challenged about the fact that one British school in four is now rated to be sub-standard, she tried to say this had actually been an improvement since the start of the government's term of office. She was very proud to announce that when the government came to power one in seven schools were in such a state.
Yes - she was proud that things had got worse. A shame she didn't realise that to which she had admitted.

Mind you after a while I tired of the news and called up You-Tube and streamed albums (that other people have (illegally?) put there) whilst I did my thing. "The Age of Plastic" by The Buggles was one I've not heard in a long time. "Plagiarism" and "Indiscrete" by Sparks was good listening from 2am to 4am. From 4am till 5am was the iconic album "Time" by the Electric Light Orchestra, and the dawn chorus was "A Tonic for the Troops" and "The Fine Art of Surfacing" by the Boomtown Rats. I was tempted to try for "More Filth Dirt Cheap" by Ivor Biggun but thought that might be pushing my luck.
I was surprised to find that no one had uploaded "Initial Success" by B.A. Robertson though.

Yesterday I mentioned my midnight feast - when on the night shift I have an extra meal each day because I'm up in the night. I really should cut something out when I'm on nights - the weight's coming back on.
As part of my midnight feast I had Tesco's "Doctor Fizz" to drink. It certainly isn't worth the extra five pence that it costs compared to its competitors. In future it will most definitely be "Doctor Thunder" or "Doctor Pop" for me.

I came home and went to bed for a bit. I woke to find I had an email - over the last couple of months I've been doing a course with Coursera - "Origins - Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life" I've passed the course with a final mark of eighty two per cent. I'm quite pleased about that.

With nothing else planned we went for a little walk round Ashford. I say "little walk"; it actually clocked in at ten miles. Once home "Furry Face TM" went to sleep, "er indoors TM" went off to film night and I Wherigo-ed. I've learned to concatenate (!) and I now have my thirteenth Wherigo adventure ready. i say "ready" - I *could* put it up for publication now but I want to fart it around a little more first.
that will keep me out of mischief for a few more days...

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