4 February 2015 (Wednesday) - Stuff

I slept well, finally waking sometime around 7am with backache. Not that I like backache, but sleeping long enough to get it isn't a bad thing. I got up, had brekkie, and worried about my dog. He's not slept on the bed for two days now. Yesterday evening he didn't come on to my lap, and this morning he didn't get up for toast (not that he's allowed toast any more). When he did get up he seemed whiny and listless. I expect a combination of the weekend's route-march and yesterday's vet visit have taken their toll.
After a while he came and sat with me, but he seemed very quiet and subdued. We sat there for a bit; I worked on my Wherigo to give me something to do whilst I fussed him.

Mind you when I mentioned "walk" he seemed keen to go. We only went round the block, and when we came home he had a little of his medicine. He scoffed all of his brekkie (which was a good sign) then took himself off to his basket.

Normally when on the late shift I go to work earlier than I need to and have a lilttle mini-adventure on the way. It was too cold to play silly beggars today, so I stayed in and spent an hour programming a death machine. I'm quite enjoying making this next Wherigo. I wish more people would write them.

My car was covered in ice; but melting ice. One push and it all fell away. As I drove to work there was drivel on the radio. "Women's Hour" was interviewing someone who had given up the day job to become a professional guitar-maker. It was not at all gripping; rather a waste of air time (and licence fee).
Bit like this blog, really...

I stopped off at Morrisons where, as well as getting an apple and a banana I completely forgot to get a replacement sandwich box for the one I blagged last night to use for the dishwasher's salt. Mind you if it carries on being this cold I doubt we'll need a sandwich box this weekend. It's too cold to be out for long enough to want sandwiches.
It was too cold to be out at all really, and so I didn't bother with a sax practice this lunch time. I need to find somewhere to practice my sax. The hospital car park is only any good when it is warm enough *and* when I am actually on day shifts (so that I am actually there). Practicing at home is a bit traumatic as my dog will insist on singing along, and it is too cold to banish him to the garden for very long at this time of year.

Whilst on tea break I checked emails on my phone - a new puzzle geocache has appeared on the Romney Marsh. Whilst still on tea break I solved the puzzle. If I were not on the late shift I would have gone chasing after the thing after work. But it will still be there tomorrow, as will (I suspect) the bragging rights that will go with being the first one to find it.

After work I came home and wasn't greeted by an over-excited dog. I found him on the bed looking incredibly tired. His tail is down all the time, and he seems rather tender about his tail; he guards it when I try to have a look-see.
Off to the vet tomorrow... In the meantime it's "Coon and Friends" on South Park...

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