10 February 2015 (Tuesday) - Result!!

I was rather later to bed last night than I would have liked (bearing in mind I was on an early start today) and so I suppose it's no surprise I slept through till the alarm went off. In the past I would be awake long before alarms went off and watching all sorts of tripe on the telly at silly o'clock. That doesn't happen quite so much these days.
I had my toast to myself this morning; my dog was still asleep, but in this new world order of dog-diet he wouldn't have had any anyway.
I had no emails of note, and nothing much had really happened on social media so I set off to work.

The radio spouted its usual brand of trivia. Apparently the Prime Minister is giving a speech today in which he is telling the business community to give their workers a pay rise. It's a shame he can't advocate the same for those of us in the public sector. Perhaps if he did, then the over-stretched NHS wouldn't struggle to recruit and wouldn't have to spend a fortune on agency staff.
And there was great issue made of today being "Safer Internet Day" which I Ithought was particularly ironic bearing in mind that a survey has showed that half of the country's eleven to sixteen year olds have used the Internet to access filth.
Personally all I think that this survey showed is that the other half of the country's eleven to sixteen year olds lied when they completed the survey.

I got to work, did my bit. I had an email from some bunch called "NHS Bargains". I get these emails from time to time. They always seem to have bargains that just won't work for me. They had one such today. I could save on my energy bill by changing energy supplier to the one I am already with (!)

At lunchtime I went out to the car park and got saxy on my saxophone. It was cold, and just as I was about to pack up a not unattractive woman appeared from nowhere and told me how sexy the saxophone was, and how she'd always liked, admired and fancied saxophonists.
Were it not a chilly five degrees in a windy car park I could have been in there (!) but on retrospect one has to wonder exactly what inspires anyone to go out on the pull in a hospital car park.

I hurried back to work, and being on an early shift got to drive home before it got dark. After quickly running "Furry Face TM" round the block the clans gathered in Willesborough where (for the first time) I slept throough "The Flash". A shame really...

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