5 February 2014 (Thursday) - The Tail is Back Up

Yesterday I mentioned my little dog wasn’t well. He was subdued, quiet, his tail was down, and was wouldn’t let me near his tail; it was obviously causing him great pain. He's had his tail deliberately tucked down between his legs for several days.
This morning the soppy little thing was charging around like a thing possessed with no tail problems at all. No vet for him today (!)
I scoffed brekkie, and took that dog for a walk. We went out through the park where a small group of people I didn’t recognise announced “here comes Fudge.” I have no idea who they were but they seemed pleasant enough.
We walked round to Singleton Lake and there I got out my phone and tested my latest Wheri-project. It’s not finished yet, but what I’ve done so far seems to work well enough.
As we came home we met up with a garrulous old biddy. She told me that she one had a Jack Russell terrier too. I was tempted to say that my dog is not a Jack Russell but a Patagonian Tripe-Hound but thought better of it. And having established something in common she then gave me all her news. Her daughter had a dog and five cats, but her daughter was evicted by the council and so the cats have gone to live with her sister. (I couldn’t work out whether the sister was the sister of the old biddy or of the daughter). Also the old biddy’s daughter has the hump because the old biddy’s husband won’t buy the daughter’s children any Christmas or birthday presents because he hates them.
The old biddy asked me where we were walking. I gave a rather non-committal answer. Much as I was intrigued by the exploits of her family, there is only so much time one can devote to nutters. She announced she was going to the post office in Brookfield. I suggested she was walking in completely the wrong direction (which she was). She stopped, looked around, and realised where she was. When she’d left her house she should have turned right; not left.
Once home I had a cuppa and set about emptying my letter rack. It’s a job I should do more regularly really.
Legal and General were inviting me to join their Over-50s plan. I was rather insulted until I realised that I now qualify for it.
Legal and General had also sent me a second letter asking why I hadn’t responded to the first one.
I found my pay slip; I’d been wondering what I’d done with that.
I found a letter from the double glazing people confirming the wrong appointment they’d made for last week. Had I read that I could have saved them a wasted journey.
I also found the agreement from the double glazing people about the new back door. I suppose I should really keep that somewhere safe… I put it back in the letter rack.
I found a couple of letters from the hospital confirming last Monday’s appointment.
I found my latest mortgage statement. I know it’s peanuts compared to what a lot of people are paying, but if any of my loyal readers have a spare suitcase full of used fivers…
I had a letter that the warranty on my telly was about to expire. Personally I’d rather run the thing into the ground and then get a new one rather than farting around having it fixed. Which is odd really because I do the exact opposite with the washing machine; I pay out each month and when it goes belly-up the nice man comes out and revives it for another few months.
I had a letter from Virgin media. They don’t give up.
There was something from NHS pensions which I filed. I suppose I should read it really. Much as I actually do like my job (I rarely mention it these days, but do), after the ups and downs of the last three years I am effectively biding my time until retirement.
There were bank statements. I had a look at them. They could have been better. They could have been worse.
The doorbell went. The nice man had come to do the survey for our new back door. The old one has been leaking for some time and the handle mechanism has broken. I know Everest aren’t the cheapest, but we’ve gone cheap before and got what we paid for. The current door is over twenty years old and was hooky when we got it. I’m hoping the new one will see me out.
The nice surveyor took about an hour to do his thing. Surveying doors isn’t as straight-forward as you might think.

I wheri-programmed for a bit, then set off to sax lesson. I do like the lessons, but they would go far better if I could get more practice in during the week.
I then spent an hour or so ironing shirts. I didn't stop today...

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