6 February 2015 (Friday) - Stew

I was woken at 6.30am by my dog's grumbling. Not a woof or a bark or a growl but a definate grumble. I don't know what it was about; perhaps he'd been dreaming?
He watched me eat my loast. He did grumble about that; how do you explain to a dog that he is on a diet? And then we went for our morning constitutional. We went out via Brookfield Road where I replaced one of my geocaches (it needed maintenance). From there we walked on to Singleton Lake where I let "Furry Face TM" off of his lead and he immediately played "Goose Skittles". "Goose Skittles" is a fun game for everyone *except* the geese involved. I wish he wouldn't chase the birds. He's already been told off by a swan more than once.

We came though the park where my dog caused mayhem with the woman with more dogs than sense. There's a woman who regularly walks round the park with half a dozen assorted mutts. None are on leads. Some are walking at heel, some are ten yards in front of her, some ten yards behind, and some hust wandering aimlessly. Fudge charged up to the dogs in the lead and started playing. Some of the other dogs joined in; some ran away in terror. I finally got "Furry Face TM"'s lead on him and dragged him away; leaving the woman with more dogs than sense desperately trying to round up her flock.
Shortly after this we encountered OrangeHead and her Chunky Little Friend (and a hanger-on). OrangeHead's definately going greyer these days. She's an odd one. When I meet her when she is on her own she's quite civil. But when surrounded by "her gang" she's rather stand-offish.

I came home, got my saxophone out and had a practice. I then banished a singing dog to the garden and practiced some more. I need to practice more if I am to improve, and having Fudge scream every time I try to do so doesn't help.
Interestingly yesterday I recorded teacher playing a tune (so's I knew what it sounds like) onto my phone. I can play that without him howling. It's only the sound of my practice that bothers him. Charming(!)

I then spent an hour on my latest Wherigo. I keep mentioning them -- they are a GPS adventure game played on the SmartPhone which eventually leads you to a geocache. In the past I've shamelessly blagged other people's work. Mostly so's I could have the bragging rights of hiding Wherigo caches, but partly to learn how to do them myself.
I'm now working on my second one which is entirely of my own doing. They are surprisingly hard work. Yesterday I field-tested what I've done so far. It worked, but had room for improvement. Last night I made those improvements and then ran it through the simulator and found nine problems. So I spent a little while fixing those.

Over a spot of lunch I watched this week's episode of "Extant". I got a bit cross at one point. The leading character had a blood sample taken at one point... Have you ever seen blood. It's a very deep maroon colour, and it's rather thick. A television special effects department could easily make some fake blood from mixing a little beetrrot juice into some tomato ketchup.
The special effect people in "Extant" decied to use diluted blackcurrant juice as their fake blood. Blood is *not* that thin or that runny. And it certainly isn't that clear.

I took myself off to bed for a little while and got as much sleep as I could despite all the phone calls from people trying to sell me solar panels. And once awake I then went for a somewhat circuitous road trip. I started off in Tesco where I got some food with which I could stage a midnight feast during the upcoming night shift. I also got a bottle of "Doctor Fizz"; Tesco's cheapo version of Doctor Pepper. For all that I like Doctor Pepper, I prefer the cheapo versions; Asda's "Doctor Thunder" and Morrison "Doctor Pop". The fact that they are only fifty pence for a two litre bottle is an added bonus. "Doctor Fizz" is new to me; it was fifty-five pence for two litres. I wonder if it is worth the extra five pence.
I then popped in to Maplins in Folkestone to get a cable for charging my phone during the night, and I stopped off near the Folkestone Baptist church for a swift spot of geocaching.
I'd actually gone to Folkestone to deliver a ladder to "Daddies Little Angel TM"; she wants to hang a new chandelier. Whilst I was dropping off said ladder I had my tea; "Daddies Little Angel TM" gave her old man a bowl of stew. Good stuff.
I then played with the baby for a while. He's getting bigger and bigger.
Did I mention "Daddies Little Angel TM"'s got her university results? She's got her honours degree. Bearing in mind the fun and games we had with her at school, I'm rather proud of her having letters after her name.

Now off to the night shift...

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