3 February 2015 (Tuesday) - At The Vets

After a couple of night shifts I suppose it's understandable that I slept until 8.30am. I opene my eyes slightly to see Fudge was poised ready to lick my nose. I feigned sleep, and he stayed poised. The moment he realised I was awake he set about me.

I had some brekkie, and we went for our walk. He seemed slightly more lively than yesterday and we walked down as far as Park Farm/ As we walked there were a few flakes of snow, buit not much. Our walk was (for once) relatively uneventful for which I was grateful.
I'd timed our walk so we would come past the vet's in time for our appointment. I make a point of taking my dog into the vets at least twice a week so he will get used to the place. We go in there twice a week without problem. Today he somehow knew he had an appointment and once in he was pulling to get out.
We saw the vet,l he had his treatment. Not an injection but given by drops up his nose. Twice. He managed to sneeze out the first lot. He's also rather overweight at eleven kilogrammes. Vet wasn't happy about that.

We came home and I put a film on the DVD. "Green Street" is about football hooligans. I quite like that sort of thing. And with my dog curled up next to me and snoring I carried on Wheri-programming. Whilst out walking yesterday I had some ideas on how what I did yesterday might be improved, so I re-wrote. Another day's effort and I'm actually no closer to completion.
As I worked there was a hailstorm, and then heavier snow came down.

It wasn't long before "er indoors TM" came home. We had a rather good bit of scoff and then went round to Arden Drive. It was quite cold, and snow had fallen. Not much, but enough to make the roads and paths icy.
We watched "The Flash"; I like that show because I seem to stay awake through it. Tonight's episode feature a cross-over with "The Arrow"; not a show I watch. I got the distinct impression the whole episode was to drum up an audience for "The Arrow". I shan't be tuning in; I don't like the lead character.

And home again. It was a clear night. It will be icy tomorrow...

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