14 February 2015 (Saturday) - Busy Day

I slept well last night; having a small dog sleeping downstairs works wonders for a good night's sleep. I got up, checked cyber-space, and posted a rather lame video to "Daddies Little Angel TM".

I spent an hour on rather convoluted wheri-programming then "My Boy TM" came round. Narrowly avoiding getting tangled in "Operation Stack" we made our way to Deal where we soon met up with "er indoors TM" who had collected "Daddies Little Angel TM" and her entourage.

Nine of us then went swimming. Or that was the plan. Nine of us waited for a while until enough people had finished swimming so's that we could be admitted to the pool. A "rather special" attendant informed us due to "Health and Safety" no more than one hundred aand eighten people could be in the pool at any one time. An odd number I thought, but what do I know?
She gave us a ticket and said she's call its number when enough people had left. I counted about fifty people in the pool, and after about twenty minutes of being glared at by the woman in the lesiure centre's cafe our number was called and we went swimming.
Despite the staff we had a good time. Baby had never been swimming before; we went expecting him to find it all rather daunting. We were wrong; he seemed to love it. It was only a shame we had to leave so soon. We'd put two hours on the car park tickets and that would have been about right had we not had to sit about waiting for no adequately explored reason.

I was dressed first, and seeing a traffic warden in the car park I zoomed out to the cars. Seeing our time was running out she'd staked out our cars ready to ticket them. I got to the cars with one minute left on our tickets, so I bought tickets for another half an hour. The traffic warden watched me do so with an expression akin to that of a bulldog licking piss from a stinging nettle. She was *not* pleased about it.

Totally failing to find the Dover McDonalds we drove on to the Folkestone one where we all had a rather good feast. And the kids (and Grandad) had a McFlurry each.
I slept all the way home, then took "Furry Face TM" for a walk round the park. I had planned to drive out to Wheri-test but I was aching after the swimming and it was cold. Wheri-testing will keep.

We walked round to Kim & Andy's. We had a rather goodd tea. All sorts of scoff washed down with home made brown ale. Then "Guitar Hero" and ChromeCast games until the early hours.
Good job it's a later start tomorrow...

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