8 February 2015 (Sunday) - Meopham

I spent an absolute age this morning waiting for the toaster to pop. Eventually I realised I'd not actually put any bread into the thing to cook. A small point, but it makes a difference.
Over brekkie I checked out the Internet. Richard Parker has invited me to join Twitter. I can't help but wonder who Richard Parker is. For his information I do have a Twitter account, but rarely use it #because #I #honestly #think #all #the #hashtags #look #bloody #stupid. But then, that's just me, I suppose.
I then actually had a look on Twitter. My feed was flooded out by people I barely know making what I thought was references to the rather disappointing comet that was recently in the sky. I couldn't work out why they were messaging me about the thing; it's not as though *any* of the people involved have ever met me. But then this is social media. People who won't even say "Good evening" to you and make a point of ignoring you to your face are all over you in cyberspace.

We drove round Ashford to rally the troops, then set off to Meopham where we met up with Aleta. Six of us (and two small dogs) then went on the "Meopham Madness" geotrail. About eight miles; there were some serious bits of up and down as we went. I've been on a few walks round Meopham before - it's a good place for a stroll. As we went we saw some rather beautiful houses, some wonderful views, and more turnips that you could shake a stick at. The mud wasn't *too* bad; we only had to carry the dogs once. I took some photos whilst we walked.
There was a minor contretemps when my little dog found a horse with which he could argue, and he did come off the worse in a tussle with an electric fence. He's had pokes from those things before; he doesn't like them.

For those who enjoy hunting geocaches, I can't recommend the "Meopham Madness" geotrail highly enough. Thirty-six caches along a clearly marked route with the only cache which really needs some head-scratching being placed at an obvious place at which to have a lunch break.
We logged two as "Did Not Find"; one was in a place where a farmer had clearly been doing work on his fence, and the other was one with which several others would seem to have struggled.

Once home "Furry Face TM" had a bath; scoffed his dinner, and then spent the evening fast asleep. Rather than sleeping myself (I did that on the journey home) I watched the James Bond film on ITV. A couple of weeks ago I was rather disparaging about "The Man with the Golden Gun". Today "Moonraker" was equally patronising, mysogynistic and dated.
I put the finishing touches to my latest Wheri-project. All that now remains is final field testing and putting out the actual cache...

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