1 December 2014 (Monday) - Upsetting the Vicar

A good night's sleep; only marred by rather vivid dreams that some of my nearest and dearest were mistreating my little dog. In my dreams I took my dog's side over them and woke up to find myself punching my pillow. Rather disturbing(!)
I came downstairs this morning to find that small dog had moved from his basket. After yesterday's walk I bathed him and he took himself to bed and slept all evening; not wanting any tea. He didn't move from his basket all evening, and he didn't stir at all this morning as I scoffed my toast.
With toast scoffed I took the tablets I bought on Saturday back to the shop, and came back with one that works.

I then took “Furry Face TM “ round the park for a walk as he had seemed to have perked up a bit. As we wandered we met a vicar who was on his bike. He was still on his bike when we left him; but only just. For no apparent reason said vicar decided to do a really stupid swerve and nearly ran us both over. He then said some really un-vicar-like comments under his breath. If I had nothing better to do with my time I would have complained to the bishop.

We would have walked for longer but I had to come back for a dentist appointment. I was rather miffed to find that the appointment was actually for tomorrow. We could have walked for longer.
Being at a loose end I then went through my letter rack.
Ironically the first letter was from the dentist; I have a plan with them whereby I pay so much each month and get (pretty much) all the treatment I need when I need it. They are keeping their charges the same for this next year.
There was a notification from the Halifax building society about changes to my savings account. They’ve written to me before about this; even though I don’t have an account with them.
I found I’d been specially invited to apply for a Vanquis Bank credit card. I chose not to do so. My life assurance company had written to say they’d changed their name. As if I cared.
I had notification of my ENT follow-up appointment. I thought it was going to be on a Saturday in February; it’s a Monday. Might need to change that.
My house buildings and contents insurance will auto-renew. And again it will auto-renew cheaper than the prices quoted by the competitors.
The washing machine warranty insurance will also auto-renew. I was pleased about that. Our old machine is getting on a bit, but it’s cheaper to shell out each month and have it fixed than it is to get a new one.
The Aspinalls Foundation had sent me a little magazine about dying animals that I put straight in the bin.
ActionAid sent me a begging letter. Having supported them for years they were (unfortunately) one of the first economies I had to make during the unpleasantness of three years ago. Perhaps I might start supporting them again. After all they are one of the few charities that help people overseas without involving religion in what they do.
And lastly was a letter from the phone company asking me to fill out details about the claim I was making. Working on the principle that they’d actually sent me a new phone two months ago I threw the letter away.

I finally found the bank statements I’d been hunting for and reviewed my finances. Ouch! In all honesty they are far better than they have been. I just have this na├»ve idea that I would like not to have to worry about having sufficient money. Realistically I have enough for my needs; but like everyone else I would like more.

After a spot of lunch I took myself off to bed. Just as I was dozing off “My Boy TM phoned wanting to know if I could do him a favour. And just as I was dozing off for a second time he phoned back to change all the plans we’d just made. My third doze off was rudely trashed by “Furry Face TM declaring “Red Alert”. So I gave up any attempt at sleep and instead set about the next load of coursework on my current module of study. Today was all about the evolution of plants. It turns out that if there is a lot of uncertainty in theories of animal evolution, theories of plant evolution are little more than guesswork. The lectures were delivered by two rather scary looking ladies, and I was quite pleased to have scored ninety per cent in the test.
Now I’m off to the night shift…

Meanwhile in another plane of reality it’s now advent. If you know where to look there is an on-line advent calendar. This is the fifth year that I’ve been doing this; it seems to be quite popular. Personally I find it rather nerve-wracking. Everyone seems to think I’ve had months to work out the story line. But it’s all done from my Lego advent calendar. And being an advent calendar you can’t open it before the right day. Rules is rules! But it seems to be what the public wants…

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