14 December 2014 (Sunday) - Christmas Party

I slept llike a log and woke to find my hand on the head of "Furry Face TM". He'd sneaked upstairs in the night and made himself comfortable.
Through the wonders of phone technology I checked my emails from the comfort of my own bed, and saw that my latest Wheri-project had gone live an hour before I woke up. I was rather pleased about that.

Over brekkie I got a message that a fellow hunter of tupperware had embarked on my latest Wherigo and had had the thing crash on him. Disaster. I'd tested the thing extensively on the simulator and for real on my phone and I had no idea of what to say. I downloaded the latest version onto my phone and onto my tablet and took both devices (and "Furry Face TM") to a frosty Singleton Lake where I tested the Wheri-wotsit on both devices. Both worked fine.
Just as I was walking back to the car I saw a familiar face. My fellow hunter of tupperware had come back for another try; this time on an i-tablet. Unfamiliarity with the i-tablet was a problem, and sure enough I watched the Wheri-wotsit crash his garmin. But I handed over my Android phone, and it did the trick.
This is all rather embaarrassing. I've set eight other Wherigos; all of which haven't had any reported issues on any devices. Mind you half the Wheri-games I've played have had issues with the unit on which they are played.
I've suggested to any downloaders that they use Android devices because I don't know what else to say.

We came home to see that "er indoors TM" had found a butterfly. A Red Admiral was in the bedroom. Now here was a dilemma. What should we do with it. With freezing conditions outside it would die if we put it out the window. In the end we popped him on to the flowers in the kitchen and hoped for the best.

"er indoors TM" set off to collect the Folkestonians, and "My Boy TM" came round and we all made our way to Hastings for the family christmas party. Food and drink with laods of relatives. Fun games, and even a visit from Santa as well.
We came home through Westfield and spent a little while looking at the Christmas lights.

Once home I dozed in front of the telly. I do that...

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