9 December 2014 (Tuesday) - Cold

I slept for over nine hours last night. Nine hours!! I woke with terrible backache just seconds before a certain Patagonian Tripe-Hound launched an attack on me. For all that he too likes sleeping, he does know that when I don't get up for work at silly o'clock then chances are that he will get a decent walk.
It was strange that he then went back to sleep whilst I scoffed some brekkie. Over brekkie I read the revelation that ex-soap star Daniella Westbrook has been forced to move into sheltered accommodation as she cannot afford to continue living in her own house. Whilst I don't in any way wish her ill, the exploits of ex-soap stars aren't really of any interest to me. But it is a sad reflection of our society that Ms Westbrook made the fact public herself on social media. She wanted to do so before anyone else could make money out of her predicament by selling the revelation to the newspapers.
And, having enjoyed the latest episode of the Batman prequel "Gotham" last night I had a wry smile when I read that the Sy-Fy channel are jumping on the prequel bandwagon by commissioning a Superman prequel which will be imaginatively named "Krypton"

I put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we went for a walk. It was cold; the lake in Bowens Field had iced over. We walked out to the lake at Singleton. As we went we met other dog walkers. There's one bunch who have appeared on the Viccy Park dog walking scene lately. They boil my piss. With half a dozen small dogs it is understandable that my dog wants to play with theirs. But when we meet we are always walking in opposite directions; he only comes away from them when I put him on his lead, and the miost stupid-looking of these people always tries to reward his bad behaviour with a biscuit.

We walked on to Singletone Lake where my dog picked a fight with a swan, then ran in terror when he nearly lost that fight. From a distance of fifty yards inland he woofed at the swan, then woofed indignantly at me (as though expecting me to go fight the swan for him)
We then retraced our steps home. Once home I had a rather dull day. I say "dull" I started another Wheri-project. It kept me quiet for six hours, and I *think* it is now ready for testing. I say *think* because at the last moment the entire lot crashed. We shall see in a day or so.

And so to Willesborough where we watched another episode of "The Flash". It's quite entertaining, and so far I've stayed awake through every episode...

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