4 December 2014 (Thursday) - Something for Nothing

Perhaps it's the all-nighters I've done recently; I don't know. But last night I slept for eight hours. The longest for a long time. I got up and had brekkie, and seeing that little of note had happened overnight I took "Furry Face TM" for a little walk. We went down the back streets to Park Farm and home along the new path to Asda. We had a minor altercation with a passing normal person as we went; Fudge didn't actually attack, but had a serious woofing fit at him. In all honesty I think my dog was scared by the chap's wig. It was one of the worst hairpieces I've ever seen; it really did look like a scruffy cat was sitting on his head.
As we walked through Park Farm we found something odd. Fourteen four-pint bottles of milk were randomly sitting on the roadside. What was that all about?

We came home via the pet shop (where we got a chew bone) and once home I had a little tidy-up. After a couple of hours I began to despair and phoned "My Boy TM" for help. He was at work, which was probably for the best. He would have taken all of the clutter to the tip and would have asked questions later.
But talking with him restored my spirit, I stopped crying and got the house to some semblance of order.

I tried having a sax practice, but a combination of not really knowing how this week's tunes should go together with a dog which insisted on singing along led me to abandon.
Over lunch I watched this week's episode of "Gotham". I do like that show. And then I settled my dog down and went off on a little geo-mission.

I've bought a new tablet for geocachical purposes. The relatively big screen means I can see the map, the ability to run spreadsheets will be invaluable for field puzzles, it will generally make the whole process so much easier. But would it actually work? The last thing I wanted was to be arse deep in mud fighting with it whilst "Gordon Tracy" and the rest of the GPS brigade gloated, so I took the thing out for trial runs. If it didn't work I could chuck it in the bin and no one would have been any the wiser.
There was a little struggle tethering it to my phone's wi-fi hotspot, but the problems there were down to operator error. There was a little bit of a problem with Internet signal whilst out and about, but there are tried and tested ways round that. But apart from these rather trivial issues the thing worked perfectly. Tethered to the phone's wi-fi the tablet navigated me to Wittersham and then on to Stone in Oxney. It took me to both target caches, and logged them both. One in on-line mode and one in off-line mode. The only real test that remains is seeing how much of a battery life the thing has. But I have chargers for that.

A quick cuppa, then I went off for my weekly sax lesson. I do like these lessons; for all that I can blow into the thing and get noise out, I find I learn so much more when with teacher-lady. And with lesson saxed I came home.
Tonight's tea was a bottle of cheapo plonk used to wash down Doctor Oetker's pizza. I would recommend Doctor Oetker's pizza to all of my loyal readers. The things cost ninety nine pence, but each one's packaging has a barcode which you can scan to get a voucher worth one pound and fifty pence. We had two pizzas tonight which effectively were not only free, but Doctor Oetker paid us a quid to eat. Result (!)

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