2 December 2014 (Tuesday) - Dentist, Sat-Nav

Morrisons is very different at 7pm compared to 7am. At 7am they have the better fruit; only the manky stuff is left by the evening. And in the evening the place is swarming with normal people. I had to queue up to pay for my goodies last night. I eventually ot to work where I did my bit overnight, and then came home this morning.
As I drove I listened to the radio. The Government is planning to spend a small fortune on flood defences. I would have thought it would have been better spent earlier in the year rather than waiting until the floods are about to start, but what do I know? The pundits on the radio made the valid point that this money isn't new money; it is to be raised from making economies elsewhere in public spending. And apparently the money isn't so much going where it's needed as to marginal constituencies where there may be votes to be had.
Meanwhile the Middle East is again wracked by strife and Boko Haram extremists are again killing everyone and anyone who doesn't subscribe to their brand of superstitious nonsense...

Once home I walked in just as "er indoors TM" was walking out. I took "Furry Face TM" round the block, and had a quick bite of brekkie before setting off to the dentist (on the right day this time).
The staff at the dentist's were operating a new system today in which they took all the patients' details onto tablet PCs, swore, and then copied them manually onto their main surgery IT system whilst all the time cursing about what the lying rep had promised.
I got in to the dentist reasonably quickly. He rummagd about inside my biscuit muncher whilst shoutiing numbers and technical terms before finally saying my gob was in reasonably good condition, but I needed to see the hygenist so's she could give me a once-over. (Result!)

I then collected "My Boy TM" and drove him to Tunbridge Wells which was from where he wanted to collect a bike he'd bought on eBay. He claimed he needs the excercise. I've been telling him that for years.
We found our way using his sat-nav. His sat-nav is a wonderful device. I don't think it's the one Noah used on the Ark, but it's certainly in that range. Its maps don't bear that much relation to modern-day Kent, and it had an annoying habit of giving intricate detail about turnings five miles distant, and then waiting until we'd gone past those turnings before reminding us about them.

Despite its help we got the bike, and as a thank-you-daddy "My Boy TM" got me an all day brekkie. Very nice. I came home, spent the rest of the day fast asleep, and am now off on anotehr night shift...

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