13 December 2014 (Saturday) - Benenden

The night shift went well. As I drove home I listened to the radio. The Canadian navy would seem to be in disgrace. Following a string of unfortunate incidents (not the least of which was being chucked out of international war games) for being permanently pissed, alcohol has been banned from all Canadian navy ships. Probably just as well...

Once home I had a shower and took myself off to bed. I managed to get an hour's sleep; it was rather noisy. Next door on one side was still rebuilding his bathroom, and next door on the other side was ranting about how no one knows that it costs several hundred pounds. I'm not sure what it is that costs several hundred pounds; perhaps I'm one of the people he was ranting about.

We put the lead onto "Furry Face TM", collected half of the Roddericks, and went for a little walk. Despite having been up all night I wanted to go do something this afternoon. The weather forecast for tomorrow isn't good, so we thought we might go for a short walk somewhere. A quick peruse of the geo-map showed that Benenden might fit the bill. An hour's walk through the woods near Dingleden, then half an hour collecting geo-clues round Benenden itself.
It was cold and rather muddy, but it was good to get out and about. And I took a few photos too. And with the walk done we made our way to the Bull at Benenden wher we enjoyed a crafty half of best bitter. Aptly enough from the Long Man brewery.

We considered the possibility of more beer, but for once common sense prevailed, and we drove home through the gloom. Once home dogs were bathed, and we spent an evening watching Christmassy DVDs. Or "er indoors TM" did; I kept nodding off. As did my dog.

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