10 December 2014 (Wednesday) - Church Micros

I woke a little earlier than I might have done today; my little dog was still snoring when I got up. And he snored through my scoffing of brekkie too. I took him for a little walk; he got up when he saw the lead.
As we walked we saw two small dogs running loose in the street, follwed hot on their heels by a barefoot rather "council-looking" woman in a scruffy night dress. She was shrieking at the dogs; the more she shrieked, the more they ran away. She then shrieked at me that someone had left her back door open. I smiled sweetly, whilst wondering exactly who might be leaving her back door open before 7am. In my world I would have a rather short list of suspects.

Not being due in to work until the late morning I set off on a geo-mission. Two new caches had gone live in Folkestone on Monday and now (two days later) they still remained unfound. So I drove off, had a rummage, and found both. Both times I was First to Find. Double happy dance.
Since I was in Folkestone I popped in to see the most recent fruit of my loin and the baby. Whilst he's still very much a baby he's grown noticeably in this last two months. I played with the littlun, had a cuppa, and then made my way to work via four more geocaches.
I'm on something of a geo-mission. Some geocaches are known as "church micros" and I've recently found a list of who has found how many of these particular ones. Out of tens of thousands of hunters of tupperware the top five hundred are listed by name, and I was somewhat amazed to find I was in that top five hundred. In four hundred and eighty first position, but still up their on the leader board. Ahead of tens of thousands of people who've been playing the silly game far longer than I have. So I thought I might see just how far up that list I could go. the two FTFs I got this morning were both church micros, and a combination of looking on the map and rummaging in undergrowth found me four more on the way to work.

I got to work with half an hour to spare, so I had a quick sax practice. I get on far better practicing my sax in the works car park than I ever do at home. Whenever I get my sax out at home, whilst I'm setting up the music stand a certain Patagonian Tripe-Hound always walks over, adopts the sittng position and makes himself ready to howl at the first note. And he then howls on my first note, which is rather distracting. I had quite a good practice before work; and another at lunch break. I need to practice that sax more...

And then I did some more work. Contrary to popular opinion I do show up there from time to time...

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