10 August 2013 (Saturday) - Teston Kite Festival

I was woken at 5am by the sound of one of my smaller nephews shouting that he was going to be sick inside his tent. Heaven only knows why the thick child didn't have the common sense to get out of the tent before throwing up. Being the designated key holder is something I like. I feel that I'm doing something positive for the event. And so I was unlocking the gate at 6am. It's not like I ever lie in anyway,

With gate opened I enlisted the help of a non-vomiting nephew to help me tidy up camp. We had a quick wash-up of the wreckage and as the Rear Admiral made a start on brekkie I led a team to the supermarket to get assorted shopping. It was amazing how much stuff we needed. Paprika flavoured popcorn for a start.
Shopping didn't take long, and we were back on camp before 9am where we had a rather good bit of brekkie. You can't beat a fry-up when living in a field.

We hosted a little birthday party for a birthday girl. Party rings and cakes all round was rather good, and then the Bat arrived for a day's visit, and in a novel break with tradition I got a go in the boat. In over twenty visits to Teston kite festival I have always heard about boating missions after the event. Today I got to play at Somalian pirates. Mind you I think that in getting into the boat I did something nasty to my neck.
And having sailed the seven seas we returned to camp (eventually) to a rather good curry for tea.

With tea washed up and the light failing we stood back and watched the night kites lighting up the sky. And then we cracked open the port and cheese and had a rather good booze up. In the meantime we heard about the exploits of Bertie the Wonder Glow Worrm. (He doesn't burp, he doesn't fart; he just rides about in his hovercraft...)
And feeling suitably refreshed I staggered off to bed at half past midnight as the geocachers set off on a spot of night caching.

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