11 August 2013 (Sunday) - Teston Kite Festival

The night cachers returned to camp quietly (!) at 2.30am. I lay awake for much of the rest of the night, finally getting up to unlock the gate just after 6am. Our campsite looked like a bomb had hit it - it's amazing how much mess we can generate in the dark. So I got a kettle of water on to boil, and once I'd cleared the carnage I got washed up. Having used the rest of he hot water to make coffee I put away the washing up. It was strange - for all that we would get messy, this camp never stayed messy. We were a rather organised campsite.

the Rear Admiral soon emerged from his pit and organised a rather good fry up. Being Sunday we went shopping after brekkie because shops open at silly times on Sundays. Personally I would rather go shopping earlier in the day but today that wasn't possible. But it didn't take long to chivvy up the makings of tea, together with ginger nut biscuits, paracetamol and tinned curry.

Back to camp. Feeling rather tired I closed my eyes, and woke three hours later. I helped Lisa pack her bits and bobs, and we missed the group photo. At every Teston kite festival there is a photo taken of everyone who was camping out. I missed being in this photo. A shame, really. But hopefully there will be other chances for other photos in the future.
With the wind picking up I tried to fly a kite or two. But for all that the wind was picking up, it was a choppy wind; not at all constant. I gave up after an hour or so.

Teston kite festival is never complete without a minor medical disaster, and I spent an interesting hour stepping in to be a backup mother to Leah whilst her mummy took her little sister for steri-strips and bandages. I thought I made quite a good backup mother; so did Leah. So much so that she insisted I be made up like a mother would be. I thought I was rather sexy.

In theory I was supposed to be cooking tea. In practice I peeled twelve spuds whist those of a more culinary bent excelled in the kitchen. We had a rather good sweet and sour for tea. As always we'd made loads, and it was god to be able to share with friends of whom we see nowhere near enough.

Sunday evening at Teston kite festival is always rather sad. We stay on till Monday morning. Not many people do. We spent quite a while saying goodbye to so many friends. Some of whom we will only see a few more times this year; some we won't see for nearly another year. And with the number of campers seriously whittled down we settled down to attack the last of the port and the cheese. We did reasonably well, even if we did manage to break Dick with excessive amounts of port.

er indoors TM" arrived shortly after 10pm - she'd missed all of the Teson fun having been to the annual conglomeration of candlemongers in Harrogate. She soon settled in for a splash of drink, and I eventually staggered off to my pit shortly after midnight.

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