14 August 2013 (Wednesday) - Off to Gillingham

I went for a tiddle at 3am last night and fell down the stairs. That hurt. Mind you it won't be long before falls like that will be breaking hips. There's no denying that the jolt set off the neck injury I sustained when I got thrown into the river at the weekend - I did spent quite a bit of the day whinging about backache and neckache.
I had a pleasant surprise over brekkie - an old school friend had got in touch. He seems well; and also seems to have retained far more hair than I have done.

"Daddies Little Angel TM" arrived with Sid, and we took the dogs for a walk. Today we went out through Newtown and home via Frog's Island, Asda and McMunchies for a bacon roll. Very tasty. Home to put washing on to the line, and then Lisa arrived and we went down to the Romney Marsh. We had planned to go to Camping International but we thought we'd make a little detour for the chance of a First to Find as a new geocache had gone live. It was only a round trip of twenty miles out of our way. We arrived and searched the obvious target for half an hour to no avail before giving up in disgust. Half way back to the car we had a stroke of inspiration, went back to where we had already searched several times and almost immediately found the hidden cache. And we got First to Find too. We felt very smug

From here we then went on with our original plans - to Camping International in Gillingham where we bought new tent poles and pegs for the mess tent and a couple of new nozzles for the water barrels. We looked at the Colesman's event shelters. I'd like to get one for when the current gazebo finally gives up the ghost; probably next spring.
By now it was mid day and we were feeling hungry so a spot of McDinner was in order. And as we were in the area we did a geocache. I say " a geocache" - it was a multi with four stages. It took us just under an hour to do and was a work of absolute genius. Even if we had to watch out for the dene-holes

I was rather pleased with today's caching. There is a unique e-souvenir given to everyone who finds a cache on any day this month. I would like to get all thirty one of theset. So far I have managed a cache on every day of the month (and consequently the first fourteen e-souvenirs), I have planned out caching for the rest of the month to ensure I get all of the souvenirs. But a day like today when I get caches which weren't on my list is very good as it gives me scope for disaster and "did not finds" later in the month.

And so home where I sorted out my undercrackers into their respective pairs. A task which is tedious to say the least. Whilst I did it I watched an episode of Blake's Seven. They were all suffering from chronic fatigue. It's a tough life camping it up in outer space...

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