6 August 2013 (Tuesday) - More Stuff

Blake and his five (there's not seven - I counted) were scrubbling about in Cheddar Gorge in this morning's thrilling instalment. Or that is it looked like Cheddar Gorge to me. Blake said it was Space Planet Zarkon, but he wasn't fooling me.

Suitably enthralled I set off to work. I found my day's geo-fix hidden under a dustbin a few miles outside of Canterbury on the drive in to work, and then I nearly (but not quite) squealed on a postman. As you drive along the A28 the speed limit is variable. There are huge signs showing what that speed limit is; and it is usually substantially less than the national speed limit. For much of my journey along the A28 today I had a post van only inches from my rear bumper. Several times I slowed right down and he backed off, only to start tail-gating me again. Why do people do this in the work's van? It really leaves them open to retaliation should I wish to formally report his dangerous driving.

Oh - and the BBC have announced the next person to be Doctor Who. I can remember the last nine times a new Doctor was cast, and on seven of those occasions the actor was (to me) a completely unknown one. This latest casting is someone of whom I've never heard before. He might be good; he might not. However it is traditional for Whovians (and everyone else) never to like the current actor playing the part. He will only be truly appreciated once he's stepped down from the role.
For myself I'm only too happy to see what he makes of it. After all the chap will only be as good as the scripts he's given. As long as he doesn't try to do a rather poor impression of David Tennant (like the current one does) he won't go far wrong.
Alternatively they could bring back Blake and his seven,,,

Today was one of those dull days

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