16 August 2013 (Friday) - Reindeer, Trees and drewwagar.com

I slept amazingly well, not stirring from my pit until gone 7am. That is an amazing sleep for me. I was well pleased. I had a spot of brekkie and watched the dustmen doing their thing. I’d noticed someone had put a carrier bag of rubbish into our recycling bin overnight. I’d spotted it and hoiked it out and left it by the bin, but this raised a question. If the bin men persist in playing silly beggars and will leave an entire bin full of recycling if a random passer by drops the wrong coloured sweetie wrapper into the bin (which happens a lot!) then perhaps the council should provide lock-able wheelie bins….

With er indoors TM" tottling off to work I put the lead onto "Furry Face TM" and we went for a little stroll. We went down to Park Farm where I totally failed to find the geocache that was hidden there last week, and then came home via Willesborough. It was just as Fudge had his eye on a particularly ripe fox turd that my phone bleeped. Could the first fruit of my loin make off with the gas barbecue, and did I want to come on a day trip to the reindeer centre. Yes, and yes. We carried on with our walk, and after only a slight delay for Fudge to play in the river we were soon home.

My little pup curled up and went to sleep, and we set off to the Reindeer farm. It was only when we were on the way that I was told that the place was having a themed pirates and princesses day. Fortunately I had a bandanna in my pocket (I usually do) so I was able to have a go at joining in. I would rather have had notice of what was happening so that I could have been a proper princess. It turned out that I wasn’t told about the day’s theme for that very reason. But on arrival I saw that they were doing free face painting so I got to be a fairy pirate princess after all.
Interestingly all the staff and helpers at the place had dressed up. There were a dozen pirates but only one princess amongst them.

We got to see all the animals. The reindeer were great, as were the llamas and the donkeys and the meerkats. Lacey got to hold ducklings and baby guinea pigs. We saw the day-old piglet, and laughed at the turkey who was jealous of the attention all the other animals were getting. And we got up close to goats; actually in the goat enclosure where we were allowed to cuddle the baby goats. Personally my favourite of the day was the Bassett hound who was plodding about the place.
The reindeer farm is great for a day out – they don’t have as much as some zoos have, but what they do have, they do well. They are opening again for the Christmas season on 16 November. Can’t wait to go back.

And so home – we dropped the girls off at Asda and then did gas barbecue moving. With that done we said our goodbyes and I collected Lisa for the day’s geo-activity. Yesterday evening a new cache had gone live. It was billed as high difficulty, difficult terrain. It was difficult terrain being up a tree, but as for high difficulty… perhaps not so. After all it was visible from a little way away. However it was an excellent cache placed as it was quite a way off the ground. I say “ground” – it was actually over a river.

There are those who feel that chasing such caches should be left for the more spry amongst us. To those I would say that I was off the ground and had the cache in my hand within thirty seconds. I threw it down to Lisa and climbed down. Instructions said you could only claim the find if you’d done the climb, so I retrieved the cache and Lisa put it back. I say “put it back” – at one point the cache was stuffed down her bra for no adequately explained reason.
I gave this cache a favourite point. Unlike some caches which can be complicated to the point of confusion (“Two Dogs” and “Maelstrom #3” come to mind), this one is straight-forward, obvious what you have to do, but still very challenging. I noticed that it was put out by someone who is new to this silly hobby. A very good first cache from jacobwells22 – here’s hoping for more good ones.

Home again. I had half a mind to go back to Park Farm to carry on looking for the cache I failed on this morning. But the rain which had been patchy and intermittent was getting heavier. So I went home, looked at the ironing which wasn’t ironing itself, looked at the washing up which wasn’t washing itself up, and I played Candy Crush Saga for a bit to bide the time until the launch of www.drewwagar.com

I must admit I was rather impressed with this new website. I've been awaiting it's go-live for a little while now. Now it is active I am reliably assured that it is now "your main site for anything Drew Wagary"... (apparently - it says so on the Internet so it must be true)
One cannot help but wonder if the good Mrs Wagar will be going to www.drewwagar.com for her Drew Wagary requirements. I shall ask her...

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