13 August 2013 (Tuesday) - Fun in Kings Wood

I would have slept better had I not woken with my mouth as dry as a bone. That happens when I sleep on my back. I must stop doing that.
Over brekkie I watched the latest exploits of Blake and his five (not seven). Evil space baddies had stolen an intranodal galactivator and were planning to do whatever it is that evil space baddies do with intranodal galactivators. Whilst they plotted and schemed Blake’s five camped it up to the limit, and I filled the washing machine.

With washing on the line I went into town to get my new specs. They seem rather stronger than the last ones. I then paid money into other people’s bank accounts, I forgot to go to Wilkos, and I got a text. "Daddies Little Angel TM" was distraught – one of her guinea pigs had died.
I wish I had something I could have said to have made it all better.

I came home and got washing onto the line, then took "Furry Face TM" for a walk. For a change I thought we’d have a drive out to Kings Wood. There was a minor hiccup when I found that the car park had a barrier across it. Having the roof box on the car meant that I couldn’t get into that car park. But a minor diversion of several miles had us at a suitable car park. I say “car park” – a rough area on the edge of a country lane did the trick.
We walked into the north end of Kings Wood past a rather beautiful house. I’ve put a photo of that house above. I’m not jealous of the owners very much – what do people do in order to afford such houses?

We walked into some woods which I had been assured were thick with stinging nettles; they weren’t. After a little fiddling about I soon found the day’s geocache, and we carried on with our walk in the woods. FF was off of his lead, and was as good as gold. Forty five minutes walking saw us nearly back where we started, and I thought that we’d not really had enough of a walk, so we turned right rather than carrying on to the car. It was at this point that the voices inside a certain dog’s head gave him ideas. He shot into a rather dense thicket. I could hear the tags on his collar jingling for a while, but after ten minutes I couldn’t hear them anymore. After half an hour I was nearly hysterical. Pathetic really (!) I knew where he probably was; the trouble was that he was in a seriously impassable (to me) jungle which was roughly triangular in shape, and about half a mile along each edge. All I could do was to circle this triangular primeval forest whilst calling him (and trying hard not to blub hysterically). Just over an hour after he had vanished I saw him. He was several hundred yards away, running at full pelt along the path toward me. He had an expression of terror in his eyes, and seemed rather glad to be back with me. I made a point of not shouting at him; that would only make him less inclined to come back next time. If he is ever allowed off the lead again.

And so home again. Over a spot of lunch I did some more of my on line course. Mathematical philosophy is dull; incredibly dull. I managed four of the week’s fifteen lectures before I fell asleep.

The first fruit of my loin arrived home to deposit his fishing tackle in my shed. He has a shed of his own. I don’t have the space for his fishing gear. I wish he could keep it somewhere else. Like in his own shed.

I noticed that one of his bags was dripping wet; I suggested he hang the wet nets outside rather than leaving them to grow mould. He seemed impressed with that suggestion. And as he vanished off to wherever it is that first fruits vanish I made a start editing a video.
It has been suggested that next year might see two kite festivals at Teston; if only “we” can finance them. It is rather vague as to who “we” are. But one thing I’ve learned over the years is that in life there are “those that do” and there are “those that let those that do get on with the doing”. Unfortunately I have always been a do-er. It struck me that bearing in mind the success of the Elite: Reclamation Kickstarter projectwe” might achieve something similar on Kickstarter to fund a kite festival. It seems that a vital part of the Kickstarter project is having a video to tell the punters what is going on. I have a provisional first draft of a video. I am now waiting for those who are in a position to give a green light to let me know exactly what more I need to do to get the project up and running. When it is I shall be looking to my loyal readers to hand over hard cash. But not much, really. With a need to raise (about) one thousand pounds we only need to find two hundred people to hand over a fiver. There must be enough people associated with the kite festival to make that possible.

Being Tuesday the clans gathered in Queen Street this evening. We listened to Steve on the radio, then watched the exploits of Merlin. Today he dealt with a recalcitrant goblin in a rather more lenient way then Blake and his random number would have done...

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