12 August 2013 (Monday) - Home Again...

I had this theory that the designated key holder only does key-related things on days of the kite festival. Today wasn't a festival day and so the wardens would be opening the gate and I had no need to be up. Someone's phone alarm went off at 6am. I leapt up thinking it was mine as it was the same alarm tone. It wasn't mine. I don't know whose it was. But being up (and having been awake for some time) I decided to crack on with the morning's chores. I got the kettle boiling, tided up, did what seemed like the two hundred and forty eighth load of washing up, and generally pootled about until everyone else emerged from their beds two hours later.

We had a rather good brekkie, we all chipped in and worked hard, and camp was disassembled and loaded into the cars and despite having to bump-start the Luke Warm - mobile we were on our way home by 11.30am. Pausing only briefly on the way home for the day's cache we worked hard at home, and by 1.30pm Teston kite festival was but a happy memory. Fortunately there are photos of edited highlight of the event here.

I'd done my lame caching (sic) on the way home. er indoors TM" had not, so we popped out so's she could find one. It's somewhat easier for her as there are a lot of local ones she is still to find. there are two within six miles that I am still to uncover. And with her daily geo-fix sorted we drove round to Beaver Lane to collect "Furry Face TM". Other dogs came to Teston. I might (just possibly) take Fudge on a future camp; if only to prove what a disastrous idea taking him camping would be.
I spent an hour combing my dog this afternoon. He likes being combed, and wouldn't stop worrying me to be combed. I didn't find any fleas at all, very little fur came out - he just wanted to be combed. Silly pup.

With er indoors TM" off out bowling I caught up with the on-line lectures in my course on mathematical philosophy that I'd missed toward the end of last week. An analysis of truth - it made my head spin..
The weekend away was really good. It's back to reality now...

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