15 August 2013 (Thursday) - Seagulls

I've been sleeping a little better recently during my little holiday. But not that much better really, and now the holiday is over it really is back to "business as usual". I went to bed at 11pm last night and after a rather vividly disturbing nightmare involving a lego train and a First to Find (don't ask) I found myself wide awake at 3am. I lay awake until finally giving up and getting up at 4.45am. Fudge had made himself a little nest on the sofa and was absolutely dead to the world. He opened one eye lo look at me and he raised one leg so I could rub his tummy, and he went back to sleep. I washed up (dull), checked emails (little had happened overnight) and set off to work over half an hour earlier than usual.

Being on a mission to log a geocache find every day this month is tricky; especially when one has found all of the local caches. However the cache map showed there were three near Perry Wood; which wasn't more than a few miles out of my way on the morning's trip to work. As I drove I thought it would be a lovely morning for a walk. I followed the instructions of the sat-nav and as I parked at the designated car so the rain started. Just a shower, but enough to be disheartening. Fortunately the rain stopped as quickly as it started. I set up the geo-app and soon found my target three hundred yards away. As I walked back to the car I realised I would be walking past another cache. Or that is I was walking past where someone had once hidden one. I don't think it was there any more. I couldn't find it and neither could the previous person to look for it.
When I got back t the car I realised that my next cache target (for my next working day) was less than two hundred yards away, so I took five minutes to suss out the lay of the land. I'll get that cache next time. Unless circumstances change, that "next time" will be on Saturday morning.

I had a wry smile at the news today - a relatively local old lady has taken to wearing a colander on her head to protect herself from seagull attacks. It would seem that the feathered fellows are getting more and more aggressive. Pundits on the radio had various suggestions as to why this might be. The current hot spell, a cold winter, all sorts of suggestions were raised. I wonder if it is in any way connected to the advent of wheelie bins in parts of Kent? Several people have commented that now that black bags are not being used, seagulls aren't scattering rubbish everywhere in their quest for food. Perhaps the gulls are just hungry?

And so to work. Back in the day I would have had a backlog of managerial catching up to do. Today I just did my bit, and came home again. Dull, but dull isn't always bad. At least the seagulls near me were behaving themselves...

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