9 August 2013 (Friday) - Off To Teston

I was too excited to sleep, and so was wide awake at 4.30am. Over a spot of brekkie I had a look-see on-line. Some people are truly stupid. Take this Facebook status: "OK, Challenge begins, complete night shift 8am Friday morning, coffee, top down, don't put top back up until reach Sennen Cove, Cornwall, 1 mile from Lands End (400 miles away) for late lunch !!!"
Someone (with a Masters degree level education) is going to work a twelve hour night shift and then go straight on to a four hundred mile drive. It's daft enough doing it, but telling the world that he is doing so? When (not if) he crashes I wonder if his insurance company will see this admission as a reason not to pay out for any claims he might make? And if he kills anyone when he crashes the newspapers would have a field day with that admission.

And so to Teston. I went via Tesco to get some bits and bobs. I was too early - Tesco was closed. So I got my stuff in Asda. Interestingly the pries at the till bore little relation to the prices on the items. That wasted a few more minutes. I got to Teston at 7.30am, and within minutes the heavens opened. As I struggled to get the tents up so I would have shelter, I was bombarded with messages and texts telling me that it was raining in various parts of the South East.
Dave arrived, followed soon after by the Rear Admiral, "Daddies Little Angel TM", and Sid. A concerted effort had camp together in record time, and as the last bit of camp went up so the rain stopped and the sun came out.

As the day wore on so more and more people joined us. "Daddies Little Angel TM" took a moral stance and declared that camp should be a geocache free zone. She probably had a point - it is possible to become overly obsessed with hunting tupperware. So a few of us slipped off for five minutes to get our geo-fix for the day before coming back to sit back and watch how easy it was to put up an inflatable tent (!)
And with nearly everyone finally arrived we settled down for a geo-free evening of fajitas, excessive beer, port and sick jokes until gone midnight.

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