31 July 2009 (Friday) - Propaganda

Up early, doing the ironing. I must love it. I didn’t hear My Boy TM ” being quiet this morning. It was rumoured that he didn’t come home last night. Beast !

To work where I was rota-ed to be part of a four-person team. Due to sickness and unforeseen eventualities I was on my own. Still, it made the day go by quickly. And I managed to swap out of working tomorrow morning – which is probably for the best. From work I came home via Argos. I’d had a few emails telling me how wonderful chiminieres can be. I can take a hint with the best of them.

And then, being the last Friday of the month, it was astro club. Stevey was speaking on meteor showers this evening, and the club is going from strength to strength. With over forty people along (including the local vicar), the evening was excellent. I particularly enjoyed hawking the raffle, and then after the meeting I got time with Stevey.

And on the way home I squalled along to one of the world’s better albums – “Propaganda” by a group who were as good in 1974 as they are today. Did you know they have been asked to produce a musical for Swedish radio?

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