28 August 2009 (Friday) - To BatCamp (and on to Astro Club)

‘er indoors TM went onto Argos’ web site last night to reserve some gas canisters. Their web site texted me the reservation number. This morning I turned up at the shop, typed in the number, and there it was. I’m impressed.

Once equipped with Martin & Tony we set off (via the tackle shop) to Tesco’s. Supplies were bought, and we then popped into Starbucks. I don’t do that very often. They do good stuff, but they don’t give it away.

And then to BatCamp. Martin & Batty had set up most of the stuff yesterday, but we still had the turdis to erect, and a poop-pit to excavate. Those jobs didn’t take long, and then I put up my new £7 hammock (£7 – bargain!!) and dozed for most of the afternoon.

Once 4pm came, I was conscious that I was wasting time asleep, and so we got an hour’s fishing in. Relative to what I’ve had there in the past, I got a couple of whoppers before I had to leave. Tonight was the AGM of the astronomy club, and as I was stepping down as treasurer, I really felt I ought to be there. Otherwise people might assume the worst.

As always these days, astro club was excellent. Despite it being a bank holiday, we had over thirty people along. We’d suggested a social evening, and asked everyone to bring some food. We had a real good feast, a new committee elected, and an excellent telescope session. And I got to meet up with Stevey again, and afterwards I met his new cat.

And now I’m not on the committee of the astro club…. I don’t suppose it will make any difference. I will still go to the club. I will still put the chairs out, hawk the raffle, give the occasional talk. But we’ve now got another person on the committee, which is never a bad thing…

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