13 August 2009 (Thursday) - Soon Be Xmas

Today a poster went up at work inviting us all to put our names down for the Xmas bash. Xmas!! Well, I suppose it’s only four months away. The year is flying past. With three of the year’s four camping trips now but a happy memory, it will soon be time to take the top box off of the car, and put the seats back into it. (Back in the car, not the top box!)

Perhaps I ought to start making plans for Xmas myself. I have said that the big Xmas dinner we staged in the living room last year will be repeated in January once “Norman Stanley” is released from Her Majesty’s Pleasure. So I suppose that lets me off the hook for Xmassy organising. I just need to chivvy up what other events and activities are planned, and list them on the blog so’s I don’t forget. Easier said than done.

And then to NeverWinter where my current game is playing up. My character enters a room, and that’s it. Nothing happens. Stuck. So I went to the relevant page at the NeverWinter Vault (there’s even a NeverWinter Wiki, you know) and it seems that for this particular module to work I need to download the latest CEP (look it up on the NeverWinter Wiki!). A 1Gb download. I don’t think so, somehow.

And that’s it for this time. Rather dull to read. Even more dull living it, today.

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