14 August 2009 (Friday) - Doing the Lambef Walk (Oi!)

A couple of days ago I mentioned about the anti-social didgeridoos at Teston earlier in the year. This morning’s haul of emails brought an apology from the East Kent Didge Club, who said; “The ethos of the club has always been to extend the hand of friendship and show the didge, and the culture it comes from, in a positive way. On this occasion it would appear that we have failed to do that. Please pass our apologies on to those we kept awake.

That’s a result, I suppose. My only real reservation is that one of the leading lights in the East Kent Didge Club has taken over the running of Teston Kite Festival. Oh well - we shall see what happens.

Another result was a reply to the email I sent round to the astro club. I’ve found a volunteer to take over the role of Treasurer – provided I stay on to noisily hawk the raffle. I can do that - noisily hawking raffles is my middle name (what *was* my mother thinking of?).

And then straight from work to the World’s Wonder in Warehorne for an “old-time sing along featuring Elspeth at the pianoforte”. It was great fun. Probably as well that we went. Any singalong needs someone to get things going, and for the first few songs there was just Elspeth tinkling and us giving it welly. But before long, the normal people came along from the other bar, and an hour or two was spent pleasantly squalling away to “We’ll meet again, The Lambeth Walk, Roll Out the Barrel” and other such favourites.

Elspeth has suggested that next time we do a medley of Abba songs. I’m up for that….

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