1 August 2009 (Saturday) - A Garden Party

The morning started with a myriad of last minute preparations. Have we got this, have we got that? Have we got enough beer? (Dur!) Following a frantic setting-up in the garden, “My Boy TM ” was dispatched to the tip with a carful of rubbish, and then far too much money was spent in Tesco’s.

And then some time was spent racking my brain as to had I forgotten to invite anyone. I’m pretty sure that I had emailed and Facebook-ed everyone. And I had spoken with loads of people about the party over the last few weeks. And the party date had been up on the blog for a fortnight. I’m sure I told everyone.

I’m equally sure that over the next few days I will find people who didn’t get the message.

The plan was to start at 3pm, since originally I was supposed to be working until 1pm. In retrospect we should have started at 1pm. The morning was beautiful whilst I set up, and as I had a sarnie at mid day, so it clouded over. My brother arrived at 2.30pm, and it was getting darker. We probably had an hour or so before the weather turned. But, as I’d said before, we were going to carry on regardless of the weather.

With a gazebo, a couple of umbrellas, Chip’s gurt brolly and a tarpaulin hung over the washing line we managed to provide shelter for over forty friends and family. I say “shelter” – there was a small degree of cover, but it did get a tad damp towards the end of the evening. It was probably for the best that not everyone could make it – there is a limit as to how many people can squash under a gazebo. Next time I shall have two gazebos. But it was fun - there was close on a dozen still going strong when I went to bed at 1am…

If all has gone according to plan, you can see photos of the event here.

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