3 August 2009 (Monday) - Work Experience

Today I had a work experience girl in tow. Having completed the second year of a three year degree she thought she’d see “biomedical science” in action. I would have thought that such research would have been something she should have considered before starting the degree, but what do I know.

She didn’t seem overly impressed with blood tests, and having spent most of the morning watching what we did, she asked if we did any “analysis”. I again patiently explained what we did, and showed her the results of several analyses, together with the various interpretations one might make on the blood test results. She announced that this was all rather vague and dull.

It transpired that despite having been at university for two years, she’d been watching “CSI” and “Bones” on the telly, and thought it was all real. Bless. She then asked what “other biomedical scientists” do. Other ones? – Yes the ones that don’t work in hospitals (!)

Why do people do this? They’ve got to have a modicum of intelligence to get into a university in the first place. And then they run up tens of thousands of pounds of debts at said university studying a subject they think sounds exciting. Only to find it’s not.

In other news, my dress has arrived. I have had my spies roaming the charity shops to find a dress in my size. Now I have it, I have no idea why I wanted it. And so back to NeverWinter. There are more sailors there, I hear….

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