11 August 2009 (Tuesday) - Telescopes and Didgeridoos

It was as well I was on a late start today – what with four nights in a tent I needed a good night’s sleep. And better still a morning’s abluting in my own bathroom. Much as I like going away for the weekend, you can’t beat hot water from a tap and a gronk in your own cludgee.

As I had a bit of time before work, I had a go at the astronomy club’s accounts. Not too sad, as “My Boy TM ” would say. I then had a look at some of the preparations for the October “AstroBash” event, and perused the plans for this month’s meeting. It’s the AGM, and I’m wondering if I’m the right man to be on the committee. The secretary & chairman are full of activity & enthusiasm for the thing. And I suppose I am too, but the club’s going down the road of doing roadshows for cub & brownie groups. I did all that with snakes ten years ago. And the club’s also getting very much into practical astronomy with telescopes. Quite frankly if I want to look at something astronomical, I can see something far more impressive in far greater comfort by using Google Images.

I’ve sent an email round saying that whilst I’m happy to continue as treasurer (which I am), I wouldn’t be offended if anyone else fancied taking on the role. Mind you, I doubt anything will come of it – the email bounced back undelivered from half the recipients.

It’s amazing what you find when surfing the net. I see the didgeridoos that ruined the first Teston weekend for everyone had actually been invited to the Brighton Kite Festival in July. It’s probably just as well they weren’t able to make it. It’s even better that I didn’t find out they had been invited until after the event.

The weather forecast for the weekend was bad enough – but with the promise of their infernal racket there as well, I wouldn’t have gone…. Well I probably would have gone. But would have had words to say (!)


  1. I really have to agree with you here. I would love to find an astro club where I could attend talks/lectures etc., as I really don't know enough about the subject but would like to know more. I wouldn't fancy spending much time looking through telescopes. I would much prefer knowledgeable people explaining things to me. If there are any talks going on when I am over I would love to attend.

  2. i dont remember them getting invited and i doubt they did seeming as they were told to be quiet very early morning hours lol
    and if they did atleast they didnt come