26 August 2009 (Wednesday) - An Anonymous Admirer

My Boy TM ” was out last night. He came home quietly at 3.45am. I then fended off an attack from ‘er indoors TM who was attempting to steal my blankie. Is it so much to ask to just be wanting a bit of kip?

This morning’s post brought an anonymous ”found this and thought of you” note accompanying a couple of rather splendid pink feathers. I’d like to thank the sender – the feathers will go quite nicely in my pink hat this weekend. Unfortunately there was no postmark to help me identify who sent them. The fact the address on the envelope didn’t go as far as “U.K.” (possibly) excludes any of my overseas pals, and I suspect it probably didn’t come from the chokey as those letter need inmate numbers on them. I have narrowed the sender down to a shortlist of about a dozen (or so), and will identify the culprit by seeing who collapses in a fit of giggles the next time they see me. That one never fails.

And then to the farm where we erected “Brown and Smelly” in the rain. I say “rain” – light drizzle is perhaps a better description. But it’s up now. One less job to do on Friday…

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