29 March 2019 (Friday) - Too Much Cake

I slept like a log last night; such a shame that the dustmen have to be quite so noisy at five o’clock. They send people to move the bins so that it is easier for those bin men coming later with the lorry to get at the bins. Personally I would have thought sending the advance party a few minutes ahead of the bin lorry would have been a better idea than a few hours, but what do I know.

Over brekkie I watched the last two episodes of “Love Death and Robots”. I’ve seen all of them now – all *very* good. There’s no mention on-line of a second season yet. I remain hopeful.
I then had a little look at the internet as I do most mornings. Nothing much had happened overnight, and with no emails no getting deleted I finished off the current module in my Coursera course. I then amazed myself by passing the test on the first attempt.

I then left the house some two hours after the bin men had woken me. "er indoors TM" informs me that the bin lorry came round between half past seven and eight o’clock.

As I got in to my car to go to work I was very conscious that the original plan for this morning had been to be coming home from the night shift which I had swapped. Being at home today on what liked being a rather bright day was suddenly rather appealing.
I was also very conscious that the original plan for today was so-called "Independence Day" when Brexit would have come in to effect. The pundits on the radio were interviewing all sorts of people about the latest developments on that front. It would seem that after nearly three years of bickering and squabbling, Brexit will now ultimately be decided by whoever is stupid enough to become the next Prime Minster now that Mrs May has thrown in the towel.
I can see this dragging on and on...
On a more positive note, the pundits on the radio also announced that official figures just released say that with three weeks to go until Easter, one in four British adults have already scoffed at least one full-sized Easter egg. I haven't done so yet... perhaps I should?

I got to work and read my Kindle until it was time to leap in to action. I do that from time to time - it confuses my colleagues. Break time was good today. Working in a laboratory with blood and stuff means we can't have a cuppa as we work; we have to go for formal breaks. Someone had brought in cakes to celebrate her birthday. Quite a few cakes. You can't go wrong with too much cake. And I would have missed cake had I done last night's night shift.
As I scoffed cake so my phone beeped - an email. My camo tape had arrived in the Amazon locker just up the corridor from work (about ten yards up the corridor!). I went there, entered the combination I'd been given, and a door opened so I could get my parcel. It all took about ten seconds, and walking back to work I found I was disappointed. I don't know what I was expecting from the Amazon locker, but I was expecting more.

Once home I got out the drill and bored a hole in my fake apple (as one does), then carried on putting my camo tape to good use. Pausing only briefly to chuck cough mixture all over the floor "er indoors TM" boiled up fish and chips which we scoffed whilst watching this week’s installment of “Star Trek: Discovery”. Both were rather good…

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