9 October 2018 (Tuesday) - Half Rice, Half Chips

Over brekkie I watched the last episode of “Vanity Fair” in which Major Dobbin finally plighted his troth and Becky got her hooks into Mr. Joss. It was a rather entertaining series. I wonder if the book is anywhere near as good. I suspect it is even though I would never have considered reading it. I suspect it would be yet more rather good “literature” that I would never dream about reading having had the entire concept of “literature” killed stone-dead by a succession of English teachers forty years ago.

With nothing much happening on Facebook, and no emails of note I got myself ready to go to work. As I drove to work on another cold morning the pundits on the radio were interviewing some politician or other who was supposedly a Tory rebel. He was being questioned about whether he would vote against the Government's fabled Brexit deal when (amazingly) he said something sensible. He said he wasn't going to commit to voting either way on the matter until he'd read what he was being asked to vote on. He then went on to intimate that the time for rhetoric and posturing has passed, and realistically everyone should shut their rattle about Brexit and wait and see *exactly* what sort of crappy deal is on the table before summarily dismissing it out of hand.

They then wheeled on some Rabbi to witter on for the "Thought for the Day". This Rabbi started off with a little spiel about what a beautiful princess her daughter was when she was born, but now (thirty years later) this daughter is no longer a daughter. He, she or it has unilaterally opted to become genderless.
Call me old-fashioned if you will, but to my mind this is a load of nonsense. Gender is a matter of biology. You've either got a cock or you haven't. You either grow tits or you don't. Whilst it is possible to put on a dress or have your meat and two veg surgically removed, that in no way changes your chromosomal makeup which fundamentally determines what you are.
Having said that, how you choose to be *perceived* is a different matter... Arguably... 
The Rabbi's "thought for today" was that there are some closed-minded people who feel like I do, and society should be tolerant of those of us who *really* don't understand this whole transgender thing.
I suppose the Rabbi has a point. I wish I could understand why so many people are trying to be something they aren't (or weren't). This whole "gender reassignment" was never a "thing" back in the day. 

I got to work and had a rather good day. I say "rather good" - it was an improvement on yesterday when I went most of the day with the elastic in my undercrackers having snapped.​ So any day with pants not constantly slopping down would be an improvement.

The traffic was rather bad on the way home; by the time we got to walk the dogs round the park it was dark. There was an *amazing* contrast between the old-style lights in the park (which lit up the paths) and the new-style lights on the streets (which might as well not have been there). I’ve whinged about this before – why on Earth have street lighting that demonstrably isn’t fit for purpose?

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  1. Most sensible “gender” comment I have ever read. Totally agree with you. I don’t care what anyone wants to present themself as, but biologically they are still what they were born as. I consider myself tolerant in as much that, if it doesn’t hurt anyone, I don’t care what they want to be.