8 October 2018 (Monday) - Down the Toilet

I slept like a log last night, eventually waking only quarter of an hour before the alarm was due to go off. Over brekkie I watched another episode of “Big Mouth”, and then sparked up the lap-top to have a look at cyber-space. Unlike previous years there weren’t *that* many spoilers about last night’s episode of “Doctor Who” (that I missed), but (for once) there wasn’t really *that* much anything on Facebook this morning. And with no emails of note I got myself ready for work.

As I drove to work on a rather cold morning the pundits on the radio were interviewing the Shadow secretary for talking rubbish. They were discussing how it is now official that the environment is going down the toilet at an incredible rate. The Shadow secretary for talking rubbish was continually being asked for specifics on what the Labour party would do to rectify the situation, and he flatly refused to give any concrete or specific answers.
He was very good at talking rubbish, and very good at spouting soundbites and catchphrases. When eventually backed into a corner he admitted that it wouldn't be the job of a Labour government to actually do anything; they would tell "big business" to "sort out the environment" and then all would be well. 
And the Labour party wonder why they too are going down the toilet at an incredible rate.

The pundits on the radio then wheeled on Nicola Sturgeon; the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party. Bearing in mind the SNP got their arses handed to them on a plate in the Scottish independence referendum four years ago you would have thought that the Scottish Nationalist would be past masters at going down the toilet at an incredible rate. But they are amazing. Despite being a one-trick pony with its only trick having been firmly rejected by the electorate they are amazingly still (effectively) calling the shots north of the border. And what with the debacle that the Prime Minister is making of Brexit, they are looking very well placed to call (and soundly win) another independence referendum.
Mind you I *really* don't understand how or why they want out of the UK whilst also wanting to be in the EU. Perhaps "independence" means something else when you wear a kilt?
I got to work and had a rather busy day, and came home again. With "er indoors TM" off bowling I downloaded yesterday’s episode of Doctor Who featuring the latest (first female) incarnation and…

As a child I loved Doctor Who. I never missed an episode. I had all of the paperback books. And no one was more delighted than me when Christopher Eccleston took on the role in 2005. And I can remember sitting in my nephew’s bedroom on Christmas Day that year watching David Tennant take over. At the time I thought he was doing a fair impression of Christopher Eccleston, but that was before I wrote drivel every day. However on 3 April 2010 I wrote about the show “. I’ve now seen the leading character change eight times (I’m not old enough to remember the first two changes) and it has always been a change for the better. I think Matt Smith is brilliant. If you’ve not seen the episode yet, do watch it. You’ll love it.

What an odd thing for me to have written… I can’t remember liking Matt Smith as Doctor Who. When Peter Capaldi took over the role I wrote (on August 24 2014) “I was interested to see how Peter Capaldi would do in the role. After all, I was sure he couldn't have been any worse than Matt Smith. He probably wasn't any worse, but he certainly wasn't much better.
Since the show came back to our screens we have seen four actors playing the lead role; all of whom seemed to think they were playing the part of the village idiot.
Oh well, I shall have to wait patiently for the fifth one...”

And doesn’t that sum up the last thirteen years of the re-boot of Doctor Who. Yesterday’s debut of Jodie Whittaker had her doing yet another passable impression of Christopher Eccleston’s version of The Doctor. Back in the day when the actor changed, so did the character. Not any more… William Hartnell wasn’t that brave, Patrick Troughton was an enthusiastic amateur, Jon Pertwee was an upper-class toff, Tom Baker was eccentric, Peter Davidson tried his best, Colin Baker was full of himself…
Nowadays they are all copying Christopher Eccleston’s portrayal of a simpleton.
I watched the episode to the end purely because it was called “Doctor Who”. I watched it out of a sense of duty. I shall watch the next episode too – desperately hoping it improves…

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