12 October 2018 (Friday) - Bit Dull

I slept reasonably well but was still wide awake at half past five. I got up and said good morning to Fudge who continues to snore on the sofa. He seemed *so* content this morning.
I watched an episode of “Big Mouth” (good old Netflix) then peered into the abyss of cyber-space. There wasn’t that much kicking off over there this morning really. I had an email from the nice people at Coursera suggesting I launch my career in computer science… I suppose it isn’t *too* late for a change in direction, but realistically the only career change I really fancy at the moment is to retire. I think I would be good at being retired.

The sky was a rather spectacular shade of pink as I set off to work this morning. As I drove the pundits on the radio were interviewing my local MP on his views of the Brexit deal which (over one short week) has gone from pie-in-the-sky to being pretty much a done deal. He spouted a lot of platitudes and catch-phrases without actually saying anything. He was then quizzed about the ongoing argument about universal credit.
Whilst some people are hard-working and need a little help, others abuse the system. Surely there is something wrong with our society in which hard-working people simply have more expenses than they have income? You'd think someone in authority might address that, wouldn't you?
There was then some stake nonsense from the Bishop of Norwich whose "Thought for the Day" started off about how terrible early-onset dementia could be and ended up likening not recognizing God as being like having early-onset dementia.
I wonder just how he worked that one out? Perhaps having early-onset dementia helps the thought processes required to be a bishop?

I stopped off at Aldi on the way to work. I’ve not been there for a while. They had some very oddly-shaped pet toys; I actually said “Good God – dog dildos” out loud to the surprise of the nearby normal people.
And then t work where I had a rather busy day. The day might have been better if not for the ear-worm – for some odd reason I couldn’t get the theme to “Huxley Pig” out of my head…

Today was rather dull…

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