4 October 2018 (Thursday) - Thirty-Two Years

I slept reasonably well; just as I was about to start scoffing my toast "er indoors TM" had a mini-rant. A little while ago she and I spent an entire day setting up a series of geocaches. With her being busy last weekend I walked it with Karl, Tracey, Charlotte and the dogs on Sunday. There was one minor issue which was soon rectified. Others have walked it and all seemed well. However I thought there would be problems when earlier in the week “found it” logs came in from a particular pair of hunters of Tupperware.  And I was right. This morning "er indoors TM" had emails of “found it” logs from the next person to walk round who was saying how difficult it was to find the caches on the series.
My piss boiled. They were *not* supposed to be difficult. The golden rule of hiding a film pot under a rock is to put it back as you find it. I’ve been out walking before, found several caches, had this pair overtake me, and suddenly what was a two-second find becomes searching for a needle in a haystack.
Oh well… Rather than going to bed tomorrow after the night shift I might just walk the eight miles and put all thirty-three caches back as they are supposed to be.

Mind you I did snigger when I read Facebook. There are several people I keep on my “friends” list purely for the entertainment value of the drama and attention-seeking. This morning one of them was clearly “in lurve” and was rather sickly in singing the praises of whoever it was whose turn it was to be her boyfriend this week. I’m now waiting for her bitter rants about this same person which will surely come in the next week.

I took the dogs for a walk round the park. It was rather dull and foggy this morning. As we walked I saw OrangeHead and her posse. Bearing in mind yesterday’s debacle I hid in the Chinese garden until they’d passed by. However my attention was on OrangeHead’s posse; I should really have been watching to see just what it was that the dogs had been scoffing; they had found something rather disgusting on the floor and were yumming it up as quickly as they could before I noticed.
As we came past the playpark we saw a nutter. Some woman was using the children’s climbing frame to do rather vigorous exercises whilst wearing a rather thick rain coat and hijab. She smiled sweetly at the dogs; I hurried them along. Nutters are one thing; nutters with a keep-fit fixation are *quite* another.

With our walk done I mowed the lawn. It was probably far too wet to mow it, but as I once said to our seriously mental neighbor “not-so-nice-next-door”, I cut the grass at a time that suits me, because life is too precious to schedule around gardening.
Talking of our “seriously mental neighbor” I found myself wondering about him. He’s not been seen for a couple of years now. The police won’t tell me where he is… I wonder what he’s up to. I would guess he’s either in a prison or a mental hospital. I wonder which.

I put a hot water bottle into my bed, and watched some telly over a spot of lunch. With the bed warmed for me I took myself off to bed for the afternoon and found I couldn’t get anywhere near the warm bit as Treacle had made herself *very* comfortable on top of it. But I managed a few hours shut-eye.

"er indoors TM" should be home soon. She says she’ll do an early dinner as I need to get to the motorway before they close junction ten at eight o’clock.
Ideally I wouldn’t have been on the night shift today what with it being our wedding anniversary, but you can’t have everything…. Looking at my diary I did that last year as well.
Thirty-two years, eh?

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