8 August 2015 (Saturday) - On The Beer

Yesterday morning I set my alarm for 6am as I needed to be up promptly for work. I forgot to un-set it, and it woke me at 6am this morning. With "er indoors TM" away for the weekend I'd let "Furry Face TM" sleep at the foot of the bed and he was raring to go. So rather than farting about we went out for a little walk. Bearing in mind his propensity for causing mayhem I think I may well take him for more walks at 6am. No one else was awake. Apart from two attempts to roll in fox poo the walk passed off completely without incident.

Once home I watered "er indoors TM" 's tomato plant. There's no denying I'm amazed it has lasted a week. I can't say I'm impressed with it, but I'm not having it die whilst she's away; I'd be dead as ice cubes. I then got out the shears and gave myself a quick haircut then scoffed a quick bit of brekkie. As I scoffed and watched "Family Guy" I sorted the undercrackers I put on to wash last night. There can't be many people sorting undercrackers so early on a Saturday morning.

I then ironed shirts to "Toddlers and Tiaras"; I've blogged about this show before. In today's episode one of the judges openly admitted that the top prized usually go to those children who've had most money spent on them. Bearing in mind the parents fork out thousands I'm glad that "Daddies Little Angel TM" stuck with her baton twirling. That was judged on merit. I know that because she won *loads* of trophies and I didn't spend a bean.
I then wasted an hour trying to wrestle AVG anti-virus into Windows 10 only to eventually find that he built-in anti-virus would automatically disable any anti-virus I might try to install. I wish it had told me that right at the start.
I then wasted more time by submitting readings from the leccie and gas meters. I'd had an email asking for readings. I logged into my account which told me I was one hundred quid in credit; I read the meters and entered the figures on the website. Suddenly I was twenty quid in the red.

After a minor squabble with the most recent frui of my loin about the difference between Kate Bush and Dana (One is hyper-sexy with zips on her tits and the other is a hippy) I then popped to see the neighbours a few doors down to complain about their tree. Well, not so much to complain as to tell them that him-next-door had told me to complain; I wasn't going to lie to them.
I then set off on the main business of the day... I walked up to the railway station where I met Steve and Sarah. We got the train southwards and it all becane very vague...I took a few photos whilst we were out. Perhaps they will give me a clue as to what happened...

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