17 August 2015 (Monday) - Bit Tired

On Saturday afternoon whilst I tried to sleep all the family had gathered and were having a barby. I went along for half an hour on the way to work, and then left them all to it. Everyone else had an afternoon and an evening on the beer and on the barby; I was there for half an hour and had a glass of pop and a couple of burgers.
Talking to the first fruit of my loin it seems that everyone else has been fine; I was the only one to have spent most of yesterday running to the loo.
I was rather grateful that for the duration of my twelve hour night shift last night I was never more than twenty yards from the toilet. But there's no denying that I wasn't looking forward to risking the drive home.
However things seemed to have settled somewhat, which was for the best.

As I drove I saw something you don't see very often these days; a hitch-hiker. I used to hitch-hike myself in years gone by and will always offer a lift if I am going where they want to go. I picked this lady up a couple of miles outside of Canterbury and took her to the M20. She was hoping to get to Epsom (of all places).
Once home I decided that my innards had finally settled and so I thought I might go for a walk. After all, it is not possible to explain dodgy guts to "Furry Face TM" so we scrounged a lift with "er indoors TM". I had a plan to get a lift to the other side of town with her and then geo-stroll home past a few new geocaches which had appeared over the last couple of weeks. As luck would have it two new ones appeared on our route this very morning. They went live just as we left the house.
Two First to Finds was a nice bonus.

We made our way home via three more caches; it might have been four but we were quite a long way from home and my guts suddenly took a turn for the worse. So rather than taking a diversion to the tip we came home through the park where we meet Ralph the Pug.

Once home I put some washing on to scrub, and over a bit of lunch I had a look at everyone's photos on Facebook. As well as missing out on a family barby on Saturday, I also missed the chance of a trip to the wicked city yesterday.
Earlier in the year I was asked to swap my weekends so's a colleague could go to a party. I agreed; had I known what I was going to miss I wonder if I would have been quite so willing to be helpful.

I spent the afternoon snoring, and then solved a few geo-puzzles until "er indoors TM" came home to cook my tea. I'm sure she had other reasons for coming home, but I know what my priorities are. and with "er indoors TM" off bowling I spent the evening dozing on front of the telly.

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