18 August 2015 (Tuesday) - Farningham

I slept like a log last night; I do that after two night shifts. "Furry Face TM" was all a-quiver wheen I got up; he was clearly expecting a walk. I tried to explain that the walk would be later but I don't think he understood.

After brekkie I scrounged a lift into town with "er indoors TM"; my freebie phone charger had to go back to the shop. The company had issued a recall on account of the things seem to periodically explode. They grovellingly apologised that they couldn't replace it as they'd run out but said they would text me when they had some in stock. They then gave me a voucher worth twenty quid to spend in their on-line shop.
I shall spend it on a phone charger that doesn't explode.

I came home via Iceland where I watched some delightful toddlers dropping cartons of eggs on the floor, and then I made a detour to the milk shake shop. This is a wonderful place that makes milk shakes out of anything and everything. Creme eggs, black forest gateau, werther's originals, bakewell tarts, pickled onions... there is nothing from which they won't make a milk shake.
However the place does have one major drawback.... it is rarely (if ever) open. It was closed today as I walked past. I wish they would open. They used to do so in the past.

Once home (to my dog's terror) I ran round with the hoover (this hoover is made by the Dyson corporation). I then loaded the dishwasher. Perhaps I shouldn't have done that. Just recently the thing's been rather lax in the performance of its duties. Stuff comes out grubby and greasy. I even gave it a good dosing of fairy liquid to no avail.
I've finally realised that when the cycle finishes the stuff is cold. The heating element would seem to have packed up. "er indoors TM" says she will find out if it is still under warranty. If not I suspect it would be cheaper to get a new dishwasher than to have the old one repaired.

After a bite of lunch I put the collar onto "Furry Face TM" and we drove to Farningham. There was a geo-meet planned there for this evening, and so we'd arranged to met a friend at Farningham, go for a little walk and so (hopefully) be back in time for the meet-up. I set off a little earlier than I might have done. The word was the motorway was partially blocked because of an accident. It wasn't. We got there in plenty of time. After my dog had barked at the children playing in the river we met Aleta and went for a walk. We had a rather good walk; just under seven miles. Some wonderful views, beautiful scenery, and we even saw a couple of alpacas as well. And (guess what) - I brandished the camera too...

We were back in time for the meet. Being a little way from home this meet-up wasn't attended by the usual faces we see at geo-meets. I was going to whinge about the meet.... but I won't.
But I will say it gave me a few ideas for the geo-meet I am hosting on Saturday.

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