16 August 2015 (Sunday) - Hiding Tupperware

As I drove home from work the radio was talking about the seventieth anniversary of the defeat of Japan at the end of World War II. The Japanese Prime Minister was in the news about the matter; whilst in no way belittling the atrocities, he's refused to make any more apologies about the Japanese involvement in World War II. He was quoted as saying "future Japanese generations should not have to keep apologizing". I realise that I am in a minority of two (me and the Japanese Prime Minister) but I think the chap's got a point.

I really wanted to do something today; the trouble with the day between the night shifts is that it can easily be a non-event. Bearing in mind I needed to put the finishing touches to a geo-series which I am planning for next Saturday's geo-picnic I thought I'd geo-go and geo-do that this morning.
Feeling somewhat tired I co-opted "er indoors TM" to do the driving, and we took "Furry Face TM" as he is apt to get a tad fractious if not regularly walked to destruction. And talking of being walked to destruction, my dog hurt his leg whilst we were out. For a little while he seemed to be limping. I picked him up and gave him a once-over. Something seemed to fall from the problematical paw and then he was fine. I think he must have got a stone stuck in his foot.
We were only walking for an hour or so; all the geo-stuff got done. I even took a few photos whilst we were walking.

We came home, and after a spot of lunch I took myself off to bed for the afternoon hoping for a better kip than I had acheived yesterday. I slept like a log until the alarm went at 5pm.
A rather good bit of tea, then off to work for another night shift...

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